You are currently viewing FBR Revealed Billion Rupees Fraud in Solar Panels Imports

FBR Revealed Billion Rupees Fraud in Solar Panels Imports

FBR Revealed Billion Rupees Fraud in Solar Panels Imports

Pakistan Tax Authorities Expose Billions in Solar Panel Import Scam:

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has uncovered a major fiscal fraud involving billions of rupees in the import of solar panels.

The Directorate of Post-clearance Audit (South) in Karachi has filed a First Information Report (FIR) against Hamza Ahmed, proprietor of Jeff Heights, and other partners of Hamza Enterprises Lahore.

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The allegations against them include:

  • Evasion of duty and taxes: Hamza Enterprises allegedly misused their manufacturing status to claim unauthorized exemptions, amounting to Rs. 22.45 million across 50 import declarations.
  • Money laundering: The company is suspected of channeling Rs. 1.62 billion through 678 import declarations in a suspected money laundering scheme.
  • Forgery and illegal clearances: They are accused of clearing solar panels using forged documents and exploiting “open accounts” for illegal purposes, involving Rs. 380 million across 24 import declarations.

This investigation highlights the seriousness of tax evasion and illegal activities within the solar panel import sector. The FBR’s actions demonstrate their commitment to tackling financial crime and protecting the national revenue.

Unveiling a Web of Fraud: FBR Exposes Fake Companies and Illicit Schemes in Solar Panel Imports

The Post Clearance Audit (South) Karachi has exposed a complex network of fake entities linked to M/s Hamza Enterprises, accused of illegally importing solar panels and evading billions in taxes.

Key findings of the investigation:

  • M/s Hamza Enterprises: Allegedly misused their distributor status to claim manufacturing exemptions, resulting in Rs. 22.4 million in evaded duty/taxes across 50 import declarations.
  • False Documents and Open Accounts: 6 import clearances were found to be based on forged documents and open accounts, potentially enabling money laundering and illegal financial flows.
  • Fictitious Companies: The investigation uncovered a cartel of fake entities associated with M/s Hamza Enterprises, used to clear containers and evade customs scrutiny.
  • IBAN Misuse: The importer allegedly used a false IBAN number for all business names, exploiting a system loophole to bypass cross-checks with beneficiary names.
  • Massive Remittances Abroad: The cartel is suspected of transferring Rs. 16.75 billion in import remittances abroad through these illegal activities.

This investigation paints a picture of a sophisticated scheme designed to deceive customs authorities and evade taxes. The FBR’s actions highlight their commitment to tackling tax evasion and protecting national revenue.

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M/s Hamza Enterprises stands accused of a web of illegal activities related to solar panel imports:

  • Green Channel Misuse: Exploiting the green channel’s relaxed checks, they bypassed thorough customs scrutiny for illegal clearances.
  • Fictitious Entities: The importer allegedly created and used non-existent business names on their NTN (National Tax Number) to clear solar panels illegally.
  • Cover-up Attempts: After illegally clearing panels under fake business names, they deleted those names from their NTN to conceal the crime.
  • Forged Documents and Open Accounts: False financial instruments and unauthorized open accounts facilitated illegal clearances, raising suspicions of money laundering.
  • Disproportionate Imports: The importer’s import volume allegedly exceeds their financial capacity, suggesting potential use of illicit funds.
  • Tax Evasion: By claiming manufacturing status when registered as a distributor, they evaded millions in duty and taxes.
  • Audit Obstruction: Refusal to provide records and ignoring summonses further raise concerns about their activities.

These alleged violations encompass the Customs Act and Income Tax Ordinance 2001, jeopardizing national revenue and financial integrity.

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