You are currently viewing Hajj 2024 Digital App Offering Convenience

Hajj 2024 Digital App Offering Convenience

Hajj 2024 Digital App Offering Convenience.

Hajj 2024 Goes Digital! New App Streamlines Journey for Pilgrims

Hajj 2024 is set to become a smoother and more informed experience thanks to a groundbreaking new digital app!

Unveiled by the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, this cutting-edge tool promises to streamline the entire pilgrimage process, from pre-departure preparations to navigating the holy sites in Saudi Arabia.

Here’s what awaits pilgrims:

  • Comprehensive information: Access everything you need, from flight details to accommodation information, right at your fingertips. Instructional videos and detailed guides ensure you’re well-prepared for each step.
  • Smart luggage tracking: Say goodbye to lost luggage worries! Each pilgrim will receive a single-colored QR code suitcase for easy identification.
  • Free international calls: Stay connected with loved ones back home with a complimentary mobile SIM card offering 180 minutes of international calling.
  • More affordable pilgrimage: The government has taken steps to make Hajj more accessible, reducing the airfare by Rs. 50,000 and lowering the overall package price.
  • Enhanced facilities: The New Haji Camp has been renovated with a dedicated vaccination center for pilgrims’ convenience.

This digital revolution goes beyond convenience:

  • Minister Aneeq Ahmed emphasizes the app’s role in fostering interfaith harmony. By streamlining the Hajj experience for pilgrims from diverse backgrounds, it promotes understanding and collaboration.
  • The initiative showcases Pakistan’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement. This modernization reflects the country’s proactive approach to improving the lives of its citizens.

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