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Govt Employees Face Massive Elimination of Perks

Govt Employees Face Massive Elimination of Perks.

In a major shake-up of its benefits policies, the federal government has announced the termination of free electricity units for employees of distribution companies (DISCOs), generation companies (GENCOs), and the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA).

This long-standing practice is being replaced with a system of monetized compensation, effective immediately.

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A formal notification issued by the Power Division on Tuesday confirmed the approval of this change by the federal cabinet. This policy shift applies to all active employees in Grade-17 and above, who will now be responsible for paying their electricity bills directly to their respective DISCOs.

As a replacement for free units, the government will now compensate these employees with a monthly allowance based on their previously allocated unit entitlement.

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This ensures fair and standardized compensation while streamlining the overall system.

Here’s a breakdown of the new monthly allowances:

**GradePrevious Unit EntitlementMonthly Allowance**
Grade-17450 UnitsRs. 15,858
GENCOs Grade-17650 UnitsRs. 24,570
DISCOs & WAPDA Grade-18600 UnitsRs. 21,996
DISCOs & WAPDA Grade-18700 UnitsRs. 26,460
Grade-19880 UnitsRs. 37,594
Grade-191,000 UnitsRs. 42,720
Grade-201,100 UnitsRs. 46,992
Grade-211,300 UnitsRs. 55,536

This significant policy shift marks a transition from free electricity units to a transparent system of monthly allowances. This move aims to improve efficiency, ensure equitable compensation, and promote a more sustainable approach to employee benefits within the power sector. This change is welcomed by the common man with a hope of economic revival.

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