You are currently viewing Sadqa-e-Fitr 2024 in Pakistan set at Rs300/person

Sadqa-e-Fitr 2024 in Pakistan set at Rs300/person

Sadqa-e-Fitr 2024 in Pakistan set at Rs300/person.

Sadqa-e-Fitr 2024 in Pakistan: A Comprehensive Guide

Muslims in Pakistan preparing to celebrate Eid ul Fitr this year have received crucial information regarding Sadqa-e-Fitr.

This mandatory charitable contribution, obligatory during Ramadan, ensures the underprivileged can also enjoy the festivities.

Official Rates Announced:

  • Minimum Amount: The esteemed Shariah Board Pakistan has declared a minimum Sadqa-e-Fitr amount of Rs. 300 per person for 2024.
  • Basis for Determination: These rates are established based on the current market prices of essential food items like flour, oats, dates, and raisins, adhering to Islamic Shariah principles.

Additional Contribution Options:

  • Oats/Dates: Believers wishing to contribute the equivalent of oats or dates can do so for a minimum of Rs. 600 and Rs. 2,400 per person, respectively.
  • Raisins: Those opting for the raisin value must contribute Rs. 4,400 per person.

Fidya for Unwell Individuals:

  • Obligation: Dr. Zafar clarified that individuals unable to fast due to illness must pay Fidya (compensation).
  • Fidya Rates: The Fidya amount varies based on the chosen staple food:
    • Flour: Rs. 9,000
    • Oats: Rs. 18,000
    • Dates: Rs. 72,000
    • Raisins: Rs. 132,000

Key Points:

  • Deadline: As per Dr. Zafar, Muslims with surplus food are obligated to pay Sadqa-e-Fitr before Eid prayers.
  • Significance: This act of charity ensures those in need can celebrate Eid with dignity and access essential food items.

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