You are currently viewing Lahore High Court to Review Driving License Fee Increase

Lahore High Court to Review Driving License Fee Increase

Lahore High Court to Review Driving License Fee Increase.

Lahore High Court to Examine Driving License Fee Hike Challenge: A Blow to Government Authority?

Lahore, Pakistan: A city resident, Rana Ali Hasnain, has filed a petition in the Lahore High Court challenging the recent hike in driving license fees imposed by the Punjab government.

This legal challenge has reignited the debate surrounding the government’s power to determine and implement fees, particularly those impacting everyday citizens.

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Key Points of the Petition:

  • Contestation of Legality: The petition argues that the fee increase contradicts existing laws and exceeds the government’s authority to impose additional taxes or escalate fees.
  • Respondents: The Punjab government and key officials, including the Inspector General of Police, are listed as respondents.
  • Demands: The petitioner urges the court to:
    • Declare the fee hike notification null and void.
    • Direct the government to resume issuing licenses at the previous rates.


  • The Punjab government initially extended the deadline for fee payments from January 1 to January 15.
  • However, on January 16, a significant increase in license fees was announced, sparking public outcry.

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