You are currently viewing Food Points Fined for Using Unhygienic Cooking Oil

Food Points Fined for Using Unhygienic Cooking Oil

Food Points Fined for Using Unhygienic Cooking Oil.

Punjab Cracks Down on Dirty Oil! 4,000 Warnings, 1,100 Fines – Food Safety Takes Center Stage!

Lahore, Pakistan: Eating out in Punjab just got safer!

In a bold crackdown, the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) launched a province-wide operation last month, exposing shocking unhygienic practices and sending a strong message to food businesses: prioritize health or face the consequences.

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Zero Tolerance for Rancid Oil:

Thousands of food outlets felt the heat of the PFA’s inspections. A staggering 5,679 premises were visited, revealing widespread use of rancid cooking oil – a major health hazard. To combat this menace:

  • 4,000 Warning Notices: Putting businesses on notice, the PFA warned those caught using subpar practices to clean up their act.
  • 1,100 Hefty Fines: Those failing to comply faced the sting of financial penalties, reinforcing the seriousness of the issue.
  • 47 Emergency Shutdowns: For egregious violations, 47 eateries earned an immediate “closed” sign, ensuring public safety comes first.

Seizing the Scourge:

The PFA didn’t just point fingers – they took action. Over 6,300 liters of substandard and expired oil were seized and disposed of, effectively removing this toxic threat from the food chain.

Zero Tolerance for Violators:

Holding violators accountable, the PFA filed FIRs against two food points for blatantly disregarding the PFA Act. This sends a clear message: complacency with food safety will not be tolerated.

A Safer Plate for All:

This operation isn’t just a one-off – it’s a sustained commitment to protecting public health. The PFA’s vigilance sends a clear message to food businesses: play by the rules or face the consequences.

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