You are currently viewing Draw Schedule of All Prize Bonds for 2024 Announced

Draw Schedule of All Prize Bonds for 2024 Announced

Draw Schedule of All Prize Bonds for 2024 Announced in Pakistan.

Your Chance to Win in 2024 Starts Now!

The wait is over! The Central Directorate of National Savings has revealed the complete prize bond draw schedule for 2024, bringing exciting opportunities to win across denominations from Rs. 100 to Rs. 40,000!

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Following is the complete prize bond draw schedule for 2024:

#9775015 Jan, 24SIALKOT
#4510015 Feb, 24PESHAWAR
#97150015 Feb, 24LAHORE
#132500011 Mar, 24KARACHI
#284000011 Mar, 24FAISALABAD
#9720015 Mar, 24MUZAFFARABAD
#9875015 Apr, 24HYDERABAD
#4610015 May, 24LAHORE
#98150015 May, 24KARACHI
#142500010 Jun, 24PESHAWAR
#294000010 Jun, 24MULTAN
#9820017 Jun, 24RAWALPINDI
#9975015 Jul, 24QUETTA
#4710015 Aug, 24KARACHI
#99150015 Aug, 24MULTAN
#152500010 Sep, 24HYDERABAD
#304000010 Sep, 24LAHORE
#9920016 Sep, 24PESHAWAR
#10075015 Oct, 24FAISALABAD
#4810015 Nov, 24MULTAN
#100150015 Nov, 24RAWALPINDI
#162500010 Dec, 24QUETTA
#314000010 Dec, 24MUZAFFARABAD
#10020016 Dec, 24SIALKOT

Mark Your Calendars:

  • First Draw: Kick things off with the Rs.750 bond draw in Sialkot on January 15th!
  • Premium Prizes: Aim for the big leagues with the Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 25,000 bond draws in Faisalabad and Karachi, respectively, on March 11th.
  • Citywide Excitement: Draws for all denominations will be held throughout the year across major cities – find your favorite bond’s date and location!

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Important Note:

Remember, investing in prize bonds carries risk. Always research and understand the terms and conditions before making any investment decisions.

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