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Hammad Foundation’s Ramazan Bachat Camp

Hammad Foundation’s Ramazan Bachat Camp.

Karachi’s Lifeline: Hammad Foundation’s Ramazan Bachat Camp Offers Hope and Affordability This Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan brings a spirit of compassion and togetherness, and in Karachi, Pakistan, the Hammad Foundation’s Ramazan Bachat Camp exemplifies this beautifully.

This ongoing initiative has become a vital source of support for the community, particularly amidst rising food costs.

A Beacon of Relief:

  • Fruits for Just Rs. 10/kg: The camp’s standout feature is the incredibly low price of fruits at only Rs. 10 per kilogram. This makes essential dietary components readily accessible to everyone, ensuring no one goes hungry during Ramadan.
  • Essential Items at Affordable Prices: The dedication of the camp’s volunteers extends beyond fruits. They offer a range of vegetables at Rs. 10/kgchicken for Rs. 50, and various other necessities at significantly reduced rates.
  • A Commitment to Community Service: This commendable effort by the Hammad Foundation underscores their unwavering commitment to serving the underprivileged and fostering the true spirit of Ramadan – a time for sharing, care, and social responsibility.

Spreading the Message of Generosity:

As Ramadan unfolds, the Hammad Foundation extends a warm invitation to everyone to:

  • Join their mission: Individuals can volunteer their time and expertise to support the camp’s operations.
  • Donate: Financial contributions, however big or small, can significantly impact the foundation’s ability to provide essential items at subsidized prices.
  • Spread awareness: Sharing information about the Ramazan Bachat Camp on social media platforms and within communities can help those in need discover this valuable resource.

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