You are currently viewing Death Package for Civil Servants in Punjab Increased

Death Package for Civil Servants in Punjab Increased

Death Package for Civil Servants in Punjab Increased.

Punjab Boosts Financial Aid for Families of Deceased Civil Servants

The Punjab government has announced a significant increase in the financial aid package provided to the families of civil servants who die while in service.

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This decision, taken during a caretaker meeting on November 11, 2023, reflects the government’s commitment to supporting the families of its employees.

Punjab announces new financial package for civils servants who die while in service

The revised package offers substantial increases based on the deceased employee’s pay scale:

  • BPS 1-4: Enhanced from Rs1.60 million to Rs5 million.
  • BPS 5-10: Increased from Rs1.90 million to Rs7.5 million.
  • BPS 11-15: Boosted to Rs10 million.
  • BPS 16-17: Elevated to Rs15 million.
  • BPS 18-19: Upgraded to Rs20 million.
  • BPS 20 and above: Fixed at Rs20 million.

However, the government has discontinued a policy that previously provided employment for one child or the widow of the deceased employee.

This change marks a shift in the government’s approach to supporting families of deceased civil servants.

This revised financial aid package demonstrates the Punjab government’s commitment to recognizing the contributions of its employees and supporting their families in their time of need.

While the discontinued employment policy may raise concerns, the increased financial assistance provides a significant measure of support for the families affected.

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