You are currently viewing Commissioner Karachi Announce Rates for Roti & Naan

Commissioner Karachi Announce Rates for Roti & Naan

Commissioner Karachi Announce Rates for Roti & Naan.

Karachi Gets Official Roti & Naan Prices! Commissioner Naqvi Cracks Down on Price Gouging

Karachiites rejoice! An end to the uncertainty of roti and naan prices is finally here.

In a welcome move for consumers, Karachi Commissioner Hassan Naqvi has taken a strong stance against price manipulation in the city’s bread market.

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Fixed Prices for Staple Foods:

The Commissioner has officially established fixed prices for these essential food items. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 120-gram Naan: Rs 17
  • 100-gram Chapatti (Roti): Rs 12

This standardized pricing aims to ensure fairness for consumers and prevent them from being overcharged for these staples.

Transparency for Informed Choices:

Furthermore, tandoor owners are now required to prominently display these prices. This increased transparency empowers consumers to make informed choices and avoid hidden costs. This measure also discourages any potential price fluctuations and encourages consistency across the city.

Zero Tolerance for Violations:

Commissioner Naqvi has taken a no-nonsense approach, issuing a stern warning to violators. Strict action will be taken against any tandoor owner who disregards the new pricing regulations. This decisive action sends a clear message that the administration prioritizes market fairness and consumer protection in Karachi.

Benefits for Everyone:

The implementation of fixed prices for roti and naan has the potential to benefit both consumers and businesses. Consumers can now purchase these essential items with confidence, knowing the exact cost. Standardized pricing also fosters a level playing field for tandoor owners, promoting healthy competition within the market.

Finding the Latest Information:

While this news is a positive step for Karachi residents, it’s recommended to stay updated on any future adjustments. We recommend checking official government websites or local news sources for the latest information regarding food prices in Karachi.

Note: The information above might not be accepted 100%. Please verify from your own sources. We will not be responsible for any kind of loss due to our content.

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