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Minimum Wage for Labourers in Punjab

Minimum Wage for Labourers in Punjab.

Punjab Government Raises Minimum Wage to 37,000 Rupees: A Major Step for Worker Welfare

The Punjab government has announced a significant increase in the minimum monthly wage for workers and laborers, elevating it to 37,000 rupees.

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This decision, led by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif, signifies a crucial move towards enhancing economic stability and ensuring fair compensation for laborers across the province.

New Minimum Wage Details

Effective immediately, the minimum wage for unskilled laborers has risen from 32,000 rupees to 37,000 rupees per month.

This raise underscores the government’s commitment to providing fair remuneration to all daily wage and unskilled workers, as emphasized by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif.

  • Previous Minimum Wage: 32,000 rupees per month
  • New Minimum Wage: 37,000 rupees per month
  • Daily Wage Rate: 1,423.07 rupees for an 8-hour workday

Commitment to Labor Rights

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif highlighted the importance of this wage increase, stating, “It is our duty to safeguard the rights of every laborer in the province.” She stressed the need for immediate consultation with stakeholders to ensure the effective implementation and enforcement of the revised minimum wage.

The government’s notification specifies that the new daily wage for an 8-hour workday will be 1,423.07 rupees. This move aligns with the current fiscal budget and reflects the Punjab government’s ongoing efforts to support its labor force.

Addressing Wage Discrepancies

Addressing concerns over wage discrepancies, the Chief Minister expressed dismay over instances where workers were deprived of their rightful earnings.

She particularly highlighted issues within domestic labor sectors and called for stringent adherence to workplace protocols and guidelines to uphold worker rights effectively.

Impact on Workers and the Economy

The increase in the minimum wage is expected to have a positive impact on workers’ lives, enhancing their economic stability and overall well-being.

This move is also anticipated to boost worker morale and productivity, contributing to the province’s economic growth.

For more details on the Punjab government’s policies and updates, visit the official Punjab government website.


The Punjab government’s decision to raise the minimum wage to 37,000 rupees is a pivotal step towards ensuring fair compensation and economic stability for laborers across the province. By aligning with the current fiscal budget and addressing wage discrepancies, the government demonstrates its commitment to protecting labor rights and supporting the workforce. This initiative not only benefits workers but also contributes to the broader economic growth of the province.

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