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Burning Quran in Denmark a Crime Now

Burning Quran in Denmark a Crime Now!

Denmark Passes Law Banning Public Burning of Religious Texts, Including Quran, Bible, and Torah

Denmark’s parliament has approved a new law criminalizing the public burning of any religious text considered significant by a recognized religious community, including the Quran, Bible, and Torah.

The law received 94 votes in favor and 77 against, marking a significant shift in Denmark’s approach to freedom of expression.

Previously, the Danish government had proposed a law specifically targeting the public burning of the Quran.

This move, spearheaded by Foreign Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen, aimed to send a strong message on the global stage.

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Under the new law, anyone who publicly burns a religious text considered sacred by a recognized religious community faces fines or imprisonment for up to two years.

This aligns with existing laws prohibiting the desecration of foreign flags, demonstrating a consistent approach to protecting religious symbols and promoting understanding.

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While the law primarily focuses on public instances, Justice Minister Peter Hummelgaard clarifies that it does not extend to private acts of burning religious texts.

Explained by Hummelgaard, the law would encompass the “improper handling of objects considered religiously significant to any religious community.”

The minister stated during a press conference that recent Quran burnings were “deliberate provocations” meant to incite “division and animosity,” and that national security was the primary driving force behind the proposed ban.

This distinction ensures a balance between freedom of expression and respect for religious beliefs.

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