You are currently viewing AJIO Grazia Young Fashion Awards 2024 Winner List

AJIO Grazia Young Fashion Awards 2024 Winner List

AJIO Grazia Young Fashion Awards 2024 Winner List: Karisma Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Karan Johar Win Big.

AJIO Grazia Young Fashion Awards 2024: A Night of Glittering Triumphs!

The much-anticipated AJIO Grazia Young Fashion Awards (YFA) 2024 unfolded in Mumbai on March 26th, dazzling the fashion scene with a celebration of style icons, rising stars, and the ever-evolving trends that define the Indian entertainment industry.

This prestigious ceremony serves as a coveted platform, recognizing the vanguard of the fashion world.

As styles continuously update and trends shift, the YFA shines a spotlight on the creative minds shaping the future of fashion.

From established veterans to emerging talents, the night honored those who push boundaries and inspire style enthusiasts throughout the nation.

A Celebration of Accomplished Elegance:

The night belonged to a captivating array of winners, each leaving their mark on the fashion landscape:

  • Karisma Kapoor – GYFA Forever in Fashion: A timeless style icon, Karisma Kapoor received the prestigious “GYFA Forever in Fashion” award, cementing her enduring impact on Indian fashion.
  • Karan Johar – GYFA Style Connoisseur: Renowned filmmaker Karan Johar wasn’t just present as a fashion enthusiast; he was recognized for his impeccable personal style, taking home the “GYFA Style Connoisseur” award.

Rising Stars Steal the Show:

The YFA 2024 recognized not only established figures, but also the future torchbearers of fashion:

  • Disha Patani – GYFA People’s Choice (Female): Disha Patani, known for her bold fashion choices, was crowned the “GYFA People’s Choice (Female)” by the audience.
  • Ananya Panday – GYFA Gen Z Style Star: Representing the Gen Z fashion revolution, Ananya Panday secured the “GYFA Gen Z Style Star” award, highlighting her trendsetting influence.
  • Sobhita Dhulipala – GYFA Fashion Trailblazer: Recognized for her daring and unconventional style, Sobhita Dhulipala received the “GYFA Fashion Trailblazer” award, showcasing the power of individuality in fashion.
  • Siddhant Chaturvedi – GYFA Fashion NXT: Emerging actor Siddhant Chaturvedi was awarded the “GYFA Fashion NXT” award, acknowledging his potential to become a major style influencer.

Fan Favorites and Showstoppers:

The night resonated with the audience’s favorites as well:

  • Bobby Deol – GYFA People’s Choice (Male): Making a stylish comeback, Bobby Deol won the hearts of the audience, receiving the “GYFA People’s Choice (Male)” award.
  • Shraddha Kapoor – GYFA Fan Favourite: Shraddha Kapoor, known for her relatable and versatile fashion sense, was declared the “GYFA Fan Favourite.”

Beyond the A-List: Recognizing Excellence in Design:

The YFA 2024 extended its recognition to the creative minds behind the scenes:

  • Masoom Minawala Mehta – GYFA Homegrown Fashion Champion: Masoom Minawala Mehta, a leading fashion influencer, received the “GYFA Homegrown Fashion Champion” award for her dedication to promoting Indian fashion.
  • Tania Shroff – GYFA Best Dressed: Tania Shroff took home the coveted “GYFA Best Dressed” award, showcasing her impeccable taste and red-carpet prowess.

Celebrating Innovation Across Fashion Categories:

The ceremony acknowledged excellence in various fashion categories:

  • Sini Shetty – GYFA Breakthrough Style: As a rising star, Sini Shetty was awarded the “GYFA Breakthrough Style” award, marking her arrival in the fashion world.
  • Sonam Khetan – GYFA Eveningwear: The master of exquisite eveningwear, Sonam Khetan secured the “GYFA Eveningwear” award for her captivating designs.
  • Thaely – GYFA Footwear: Bringing innovation to footwear, Thaely was recognized with the “GYFA Footwear” award.
  • Dhuri – GYFA Jewellery: The artistry of Dhuri was celebrated with the “GYFA Jewellery” award.
  • Bhuvana Iswari – GYFA Label Alert: Emerging designer Bhuvana Iswari received the “GYFA Label Alert” award for her distinctive label.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Beyond:

The YFA 2024 recognized efforts towards a more sustainable fashion future:

  • Pieux – GYFA Sustainable Line: Championing sustainable practices, Pieux was awarded the “GYFA Sustainable Line” award.

Showcasing Diverse Design Approaches:

The ceremony also celebrated diverse fashion sensibilities:

  • Outline – GYFA Menswear: Outline, a brand pushing boundaries in menswear, received the “GYFA Menswear” award.
  • Inca – GYFA Indie Cool: Embodying the spirit of independent fashion, Inca was recognized with the “GYFA Indie

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