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Zong 4G collaborates with Batik to facilitate communication

Zong 4G collaborates with Batik to facilitate communication processes and amplify its customer base.

Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leading telecom service provider, has entered into a formal partnership with Batik, a renowned Pakistani clothing brand, to enhance their operational efficiency and reach.

This collaboration encompasses various aspects, including GSM Connectivity, Attendance Management Solutions, and Push-to-Talk devices.

About Batik Clothing:

Batik Clothing is a well-established Pakistani brand with a strong presence across seven major cities in the country. Known for its quality and style, the brand boasts over 14 outlets nationwide, making it one of the most esteemed clothing brands in Pakistan.

Collaboration Highlights:

The formal agreement between Zong 4G and Batik entails a comprehensive approach to address the needs of Batik’s dispersed workforce, which includes employees stationed across factories, corporate offices, and outlets throughout Pakistan.

The agreement covers essential services such as GSM Connectivity to ensure seamless communication, Attendance Management Solutions for efficient workforce management, and Push-to-Talk devices to facilitate instant communication among teams.

Strategic Focus:

In addition to enhancing operational efficiency, the collaboration aims to leverage mobile advertising to extend Batik’s customer reach. By tapping into Zong 4G’s extensive subscriber base nationwide, Batik seeks to expand its brand presence and connect with a larger audience.

The partnership between Zong 4G and Batik underscores a strategic alignment between two industry leaders, combining telecom expertise with retail excellence. As both entities work towards mutual growth and success, customers can expect enhanced services and experiences from Batik, backed by Zong 4G’s cutting-edge digital solutions.

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