You are currently viewing Samsung Galaxy S24’s Circle for Google Search

Samsung Galaxy S24’s Circle for Google Search

Samsung Galaxy S24’s Circle for Google Search.

Forget Typing, Draw Your Way to Answers: Google’s “Circle to Search” Reshapes Smartphone Search

Tired of tedious typing and clumsy screenshots? Google’s got your back with a revolutionary new search tool for your Android phone: Circle to Search.

This intuitive feature lets you draw circles, highlight text, or even scribble around anything on your screen and instantly launch a Google search.

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Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional methods:

  • No more screenshot-and-Lens shenanigans. Just circle what you’re curious about, and Google’s AI does the rest.
  • Forget endless scrolling. Get concise, summarized answers directly in the answer box, thanks to Google’s powerful multisearch technology.
  • Ask complex questions, get precise results. Circle specific concepts, ideas, or objects, and Google will understand your intent and deliver relevant information.

Circle to Search works like magic:

  • Long-press the home button (or navigate through gestures) to activate the feature.
  • Draw circles, highlight, or scribble around anything on your screen.
  • Google analyzes your selection and launches a targeted search instantly.

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This is more than just search; it’s a doorway to a whole new level of exploration:

  • Visual learners rejoice! Circle around images, infographics, or even video snippets to unlock their secrets.
  • Multitaskers, take note! Seamlessly switch between tasks without leaving the app you’re in.
  • Curious minds, get ready to dive deeper! Circle to Search empowers you to ask complex questions and get accurate, tailored answers.

Mark Your Calendars: “Circle to Search” Lands January 31st (but not for everyone just yet)

Get ready to ditch the keyboard and embrace a new era of smartphone search! Google’s revolutionary “Circle to Search” feature arrives globally on January 31st, but hold your horses, Android enthusiasts, because early access is exclusive to the Pixel 8 series and the shiny new Samsung Galaxy S24 trio.

Don’t fret, though, as this intuitive search magic will be sprinkling its touch on more “premium Android smartphones” later in the year.

And that’s not all! While you Android users wait patiently for Circle to Search to grace your screens, Google’s also showering everyone (yes, even iPhone folks!) in the US with an upgraded multisearch experience within the Google app.

This means even more powerful, blended text and image searches to quench your curiosity.

Circle to Search:

  • Launch date: January 31st, 2024
  • Initial access: Pixel 8 series, Samsung Galaxy S24 (S24, S24+, S24 Ultra)
  • Later access: Expanding to other “premium Android smartphones” throughout the year

Upgraded multisearch:

  • Available now: Google app for both Android and iOS users in the US

Get ready to:

  • Draw circles, highlight text, or scribble around anything on your screen to instantly launch a Google search.
  • Say goodbye to screenshots and endless scrolling.
  • Ask complex questions and get precise, summarized answers directly in the answer box.

The future of search is here, and it’s all about drawing circles. Buckle up, Android users, and stay tuned for your turn to experience the magic!

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