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Samsung Turns World’s Biggest Phone Seller

Samsung Turns World’s Biggest Phone Seller and turns to AI.

Samsung Turns Up the AI: Aims to Reclaim Phone King Crown with Smart New Features

Samsung is going all-in on artificial intelligence with its latest Galaxy S24 series, hoping to dethrone Apple and reclaim its title as the world’s biggest phone seller.

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Here’s what makes these phones AI powerhouses:

  • Real-time translation: No more language barriers! Speak and text in multiple languages with on-device translation happening as you go, like having a personal interpreter in your pocket.
  • Smarter search: Stop messing with text copying and pasting. Just circle any phrase or image on your screen, and the phone uses AI to search for what you need.
  • AI-powered messaging and driving: Get smart suggestions for replies and manage tasks like navigation while keeping your eyes on the road.
  • Pro camera with AI magic: Fill in missing backgrounds or remove unwanted objects from your photos, all thanks to generative AI.

Samsung isn’t flying solo. They’re teaming up with:

  • Google: The S24 boasts an enhanced search feature powered by Google’s AI and uses their Android operating system.
  • Gemini: Google’s foundational AI model, the same one behind their Bard chatbot, also fuels some of the S24’s smart features.

The AI Battle Heats Up: Samsung Makes its Play with Galaxy S24, But Can it Beat Apple’s Rumored iPhone 16?

Samsung is throwing down the gauntlet in the battle for AI supremacy with its new Galaxy S24 series, packing them with smart features like real-time language translation, intuitive search, and AI-powered camera tricks.

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But Apple may not be far behind, with whispers of similar features expected in the upcoming iPhone 16.

Here’s what’s hot in the AI fight:

  • Samsung: On-device translation, smart search with image/text recognition, AI-powered messaging and driving assistance, and generative AI camera enhancements.
  • Apple (rumored): Similar AI features including translation, enhanced search, and camera improvements powered by their BARD large language model.

Beyond AI, both giants bring the muscle:

  • Samsung S24 Ultra: Titanium frame for extra durability, starting at $1,299 and shipping January 31st.
  • iPhone 16 (rumored): Expected later this year, possibly with its own titanium build and AI upgrades.

Samsung lost the top phone seller crown to Apple in 2023, but is the Galaxy S24 enough to reclaim the throne? Will Apple’s iPhone 16 counterpunch with even more AI prowess?

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