You are currently viewing Zakat Al-Fitr in UAE 2024: Check Amount and Payment

Zakat Al-Fitr in UAE 2024: Check Amount and Payment

Zakat Al-Fitr in UAE 2024: Check Amount and Payment.

Fulfilling Your Zakat Al-Fitr Obligation in the UAE: A Comprehensive Guide (2024)

As the holy month of Ramadan draws to a close, fulfilling the obligatory act of Zakat Al-Fitr becomes a crucial step for Muslims in the UAE.

This guide provides essential information on the Zakat Al-Fitr amount, payment options, and additional considerations for a smooth and fulfilling completion of this religious obligation.

Understanding Zakat Al-Fitr:

  • Definition: Zakat Al-Fitr, also known as Sadaqat al-Fitr, is a charitable donation given to the underprivileged during Ramadan and before Eid al-Fitr.
  • Purpose: This act ensures that everyone, regardless of financial circumstances, can celebrate Eid al-Fitr with dignity and joy.
  • Obligation: All financially well-off Muslims are required to make this Zakat payment at the end of Ramadan.

UAE Zakat Al-Fitr Details (2024):

  • Amount: The Zakat Al-Fitr amount for 2024 in the UAE is set at Dirham (Dh) 25 per person.
  • Payment Options:
    • Cash: A cash payment of Dh 25 is a widely accepted method.
    • Staple Food: Traditionally, Zakat Al-Fitr can be given in the form of staple food items like rice or grains, with a value equivalent to Dh 25.
    • Registered Organizations: Residents can contribute through authorized Zakat collection bodies like the Zakat Fund ( or established charitable organizations.

Additional Considerations:

  • Fidya: This applies to situations where individuals are unable to fast due to valid reasons like illness, old age, or pregnancy. The compensation for missed fasts involves providing a meal or its equivalent (approximately Dh 15) for each missed day.
  • Missed Fasts: Muslims who miss fasts unintentionally or due to acceptable reasons are required to make up the missed days later and potentially offer Fidya.
  • Intentional Breaking of Fast: For deliberate breaking of the fast, a stricter penalty applies – Dh 15 per missed day and a total sum of Dh 900.

How to Pay Zakat Al-Fitr in the UAE:

  • Direct Giving: You can directly hand over the Zakat amount (cash or food) to a known underprivileged individual.
  • Registered Organizations: Contributing through authorized Zakat collection bodies ensures proper distribution to those in need.
    • The Zakat Fund website ( offers a convenient online platform for contributions.
    • Other reputable organizations like Emirates Red Crescent, Beit Al Khair, and Sharjah Charity International also accept Zakat donations.

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