You are currently viewing Pakistani Businesswomen Ranks in Forbes’ Top 10 List

Pakistani Businesswomen Ranks in Forbes’ Top 10 List

Pakistani Businesswomen Ranks in Forbes’ Top 10 List.

Pakistani Powerhouses: Asif and Syed Shine in Forbes’ Top 10 Middle East Businesswomen

Two dynamic Pakistani women, Shaista Asif, and Shazia Syed, have etched their names on the global stage by securing coveted spots in Forbes‘ prestigious ranking of the Middle East’s 100 Most Powerful Businesswomen for 2024.

This recognition not only highlights their exceptional contributions to the business landscape but also serves as a powerful testament to the rising influence of Pakistani women in the world of business.

Shaista Asif: Pioneering Healthcare Growth

  • Ranked #4: Asif, the co-founder and Group CEO of PureHealth Holding, a leading healthcare network headquartered in the UAE, has secured a remarkable 4th position on the list.
  • Leadership and Growth: Asif’s journey with PureHealth began in 2006, culminating in her well-deserved appointment as the group’s CEO in December 2023. Under her visionary leadership, PureHealth has witnessed phenomenal growth, marked by a highly successful IPO that raised a staggering $986 million on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX).
  • Investor Confidence: The overwhelming response to the IPO, oversubscribed by 54 times and 483 times in the professional and retail tranches, respectively, speaks volumes about the immense investor confidence Asif’s vision inspires.
  • Expanding Footprint: Asif’s commitment to expanding PureHealth’s footprint and influence in the healthcare sector is further evident by the company’s strategic acquisitions, including the $1.2 billion purchase of the UK’s Circle Health Group and the $600 million acquisition of UAE’s Sheikh Shakbout Medical City.

Shazia Syed: A Journey of Excellence

  • Ranked #9: Syed, the General Manager of Unilever North Africa, Levant, and Iraq, takes the 9th position on the list, showcasing her extensive experience and leadership prowess.
  • From Trainee to Leader: Syed’s remarkable career trajectory began with Unilever in 1989 as a management trainee in Pakistan. Her exceptional performance and dedication propelled her through the ranks, allowing her to assume pivotal roles within the multinational consumer goods giant.
  • Impactful Leadership: Syed’s tenure as the CEO of Unilever Pakistan, coupled with her strategic leadership as the President of the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce & Industry, exemplifies her ability to drive growth and innovation in dynamic environments.
  • Navigating Diverse Markets: Her current position as General Manager underscores her strategic vision and exceptional ability to navigate the complexities of diverse markets across the Middle East and Africa region.
  • Beyond Business: Syed’s influence extends beyond the corporate world, as she serves as a board member and chairperson of the Board Audit Committee of United Bank Limited in Pakistan. This further demonstrates her commitment to excellence and her dedication to shaping the future of business in the region.

Breaking Barriers, Inspiring a Generation

As Pakistan continues to nurture and empower remarkable talent, individuals like Shaista Asif and Shazia Syed are not only breaking barriers but also serving as beacons of inspiration for aspiring business leaders. Their inclusion in Forbes’ prestigious ranking serves as a powerful acknowledgment of Pakistan’s burgeoning position as a hub of talent and innovation, poised to make significant waves on the global business landscape.

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