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Yemen’s Houthis Claims Attack on UK-owned Ship

Yemen’s Houthis Claims Attack on UK-owned Ship in Red Sea.

The Houthi rebels in Yemen claimed responsibility for launching attacks on a UK-owned ship in the Red Sea.

The Barbados-flagged vessel, named “Morning Tide,” was able to evade the attacks and continue its journey despite sustaining minor damage.

Additionally, the rebels claimed to have targeted a US-owned ship, named “Star Nasia,” in a separate attack.

Yemen’s Houthis Claim Attack on UK Ship in Red Sea

Key Points:

  • Date: Tuesday, February 6th, 2024
  • Location: Red Sea, off the coast of Yemen
  • Target: UK-owned cargo ship “Morning Tide” (Barbados-flagged)
  • Nature of Attack: Drone strike
  • Damage: Minor damage to bridge windows
  • Casualties: None reported
  • Alleged Perpetrator: Yemen’s Houthi rebels (claim responsibility)
  • Other Targeted Ship: US-owned ship “Star Nasia” (allegedly)

Additional Information:

  • The attack occurred approximately 57 nautical miles west of Hodeida, Yemen.
  • The “Morning Tide” was able to evade further attacks and continue its journey.
  • The Houthis have a history of targeting vessels in the Red Sea, particularly during periods of heightened tensions.
  • The US and UK have taken steps to counter threats in the region, including targeting Houthi facilities.

The UKMTO noted that a small vessel was observed near the ship before the attack occurred, indicating potential coordination or surveillance by the attackers.

Despite the hostile actions, the crew successfully implemented evasive maneuvers and proceeded with their journey.

The Houthi rebels’ claim of responsibility for the attacks underscores the ongoing conflict in Yemen and the risks posed to maritime security in the region.

The attacks have raised concerns among the international community, particularly regarding the safety of shipping routes in the Red Sea.

In response to these threats, both the United States and the United Kingdom have taken measures to safeguard maritime routes and deter further aggression by targeting Houthi facilities in Yemen.

However, the attacks have continued to disrupt global shipping operations, leading companies to seek alternative, albeit longer and costlier, routes to navigate around the region’s instability.

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