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Vietnam to Expand Visa Exemption Policy

Vietnam to Expand Visa Exemption Policy.

Vietnam to Unfurl Red Carpet for Tourists: Visa Waivers and Long-Term Stays on the Horizon

Attention globetrotters! Get ready to experience the wonders of Vietnam with greater ease!

The Vietnamese government is gearing up to expand its visa-free policy and offer enticing long-term stay options, aiming to reignite the tourism sector and attract visitors from around the globe.

Expanding the Welcome Mat:

  • Visa exemptions on the rise: Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has directed immigration authorities to consider visa waivers for citizens of affluent nations, allowing them to stay in Vietnam for 6 to 12 months. This move aims to attract individuals seeking extended vacations, fostering cultural immersion and boosting economic activity.
  • Beyond the current 13: Existing visa-free access for citizens of countries like Germany, France, and Japan is set to be expanded beyond the current list. The government will announce new additions in the future.
  • Multiple entry visas for high-end travelers: To entice wealthy retirees, Vietnam is exploring the possibility of issuing multiple-entry visas valid for 12 to 36 months. This initiative targets individuals from Europe, Northeast Asia, North America, India, and select Middle Eastern nations.

Facing the Regional Competition:

  • Stepping up in Southeast Asia: Vietnam recognizes the need to compete effectively with regional neighbors like Thailand and Malaysia, who offer visa-free entry to a larger pool of countries. Currently, Vietnam grants visa-free access to travelers from 25 countries, falling behind its counterparts in terms of openness.
  • Tourism revival still underway: Despite waiving visas for numerous countries and extending tourist visas to three months, Vietnam’s tourism industry is still recovering from the pandemic, attracting only 70% of pre-pandemic visitor numbers in 2023 (12.6 million visitors).

A Multi-pronged Approach to Tourism Recovery:

  • Public Security Ministry tasked with further exploration: In addition to the planned expansions, the Prime Minister has instructed the Public Security Ministry to continuously evaluate the visa exemption policy. This ensures adaptation to changing global circumstances and the strengthening of Vietnam’s diplomatic relations.
  • Collaboration between ministries: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will review current unilateral visa exemptions for 13 countries and collaborate with the Public Security Ministry to propose new additions based on a comprehensive assessment.

Embracing a Brighter Future:

This comprehensive approach, encompassing visa waivers, long-term stay options, and extended visa validity, demonstrates Vietnam’s commitment to reinvigorating tourism and welcoming international visitors with open arms. Coupled with existing electronic visas with extended stays and multiple entries, Vietnam is poised to attract a wider range of travelers and revive its tourism sector as a vibrant global destination.

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