You are currently viewing Vada Pav Ranks among World’s Best Sandwiches

Vada Pav Ranks among World’s Best Sandwiches

Vada Pav Ranks among World’s Best Sandwiches.

Mumbai’s Humble Hero: Vada Pav Ascends to Global Sandwich Stardom!

Move over, Reuben and lobster rolls! Mumbai’s beloved vada pav has secured a coveted spot on the international culinary scene, earning a place among the world’s best sandwiches.

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This delightful street food has not only captured the hearts (and stomachs) of Mumbaikars for decades, but has now garnered well-deserved recognition on a global scale.

A Bite-Sized Sensation:

  • TasteAtlas Ranking: According to the latest rankings released by TasteAtlas, a highly respected food and travel guide platform, vada pav has climbed the ranks to claim the 19th position amongst the top sandwiches globally (as of March 2024).
  • Global Recognition: This prestigious ranking positions vada pav alongside culinary heavyweights like shawarma, reuben sandwiches, and the ever-popular lobster roll.
  • A Culinary Gem from Vietnam: The coveted top spot on the list is currently held by Banh mi, a delectable Vietnamese creation.

A Look at the Top 10:

  1. Banh mi (Vietnam)
  2. Tombik doner (Turkey)
  3. Shawarma (Various regions)
  4. Tortas (Mexico)
  5. Lobster roll (North America)
  6. Sandwich de lomo (Chile)
  7. Montreal smoked meat (Canada)
  8. Mozzarella in carrozza (Italy)
  9. Banh mi thit (Vietnam)
  10. Texas brisket sandwich (USA)

The Vada Pav Story:

TasteAtlas sheds light on the humble origins of this iconic street food:

“This iconic street food is said to have originated from a street vendor named Ashok Vaidya. He thought of a way to satiate hungry workers, and concluded the ideal dish should be portable, affordable, and easy to prepare.”

Beyond the Ranking: A Celebration of Flavors:

Vada pav’s global recognition extends beyond its placement on a list. It signifies the immense potential of street food to capture the essence of a culture and tantalize taste buds worldwide. Here’s what makes this culinary creation truly special:

  • A Symphony of Textures: A crispy potato patty (vada) nestled within a soft pav bun, drizzled with chutneys (spicy and tangy sauces), and garnished with onions and chilies – vada pav offers a delightful interplay of textures and flavors.
  • An Affordable Treat: This pocket-friendly snack remains accessible to all, making it a true symbol of Mumbai’s vibrant street food culture.
  • A Culinary Legacy: Vada pav has transcended its street food roots, becoming a beloved part of Mumbaikar life and a cherished culinary experience for visitors.

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