You are currently viewing Today’s Wordle Challenge: Answer for #973 – February 17

Today’s Wordle Challenge: Answer for #973 – February 17

Today’s Wordle Challenge: Answer for #973 – February 17, 2024.

Are you concerned about maintaining your Wordle streak? Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Every day, Wordle captivates millions with its lightning-fast challenge.

However, predicting a five-letter word in just six attempts isn’t always easy.

To uncover the Wordle solution, you’ll need to draw contextual clues from each guess, but sometimes that’s not enough.

Here are some Wordle hints for today’s game:

  • Number of vowels: Today’s Wordle has one vowel.
  • Starting letter: Note that the word begins with a consonant.
  • Double letters: There are no double letters in today’s Wordle.
  • Meaning of the word: The word refers to a book of the Bible containing religious passages used in Jewish and Christian worship.

How to play Wordle: Guess a five-letter word by typing any word of the same length. The game will indicate which letters are correctly placed (green), which are part of the word but in the wrong position (yellow), and which are not in the word at all (gray).

Use this feedback to refine your guesses and solve the puzzle.

SPOILER ALERT — WORDLE ANSWER BELOW: Today’s Wordle Answer for #973 on Saturday, February 17, 2024, is “Psalm.”

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