You are currently viewing Punjab Driving License Fees Increased from January 16

Punjab Driving License Fees Increased from January 16

Punjab Driving License Fees Increased from January 16.

Buckle Up, Punjab! Driving License Fees Rise from January 16th!

Attention drivers in Punjab! There’s an important heads-up about your driving license. Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has announced a fee increase taking effect on January 16th, so listen up if you’re planning to apply or renew:

  • Current fees (valid until January 15th):
    • Learner’s License: Rs 60
    • New & Renewal:** Rs 60
  • New fees (effective January 16th):
    • Learner’s License: Rs 1,000
    • New & Renewal:** Rs 1,000

Get Your License Before the Hike!

The Chief Minister urges everyone to apply or renew their licenses before the new fees kick in on January 16th. Don’t get caught by surprise – avoid the higher cost by taking action now.

Get Ready to Go Digital! Download Your Driving License in Punjab!

Exciting news, drivers! From January 16th, Punjab takes a major step towards digitalization with:

  • Easier E-Licenses: Skip the physical test! Both local and international applicants can now download their e-licenses effortlessly. Simply apply online and have your license delivered electronically for a smooth and convenient experience.
  • Updated Fees: Be aware of the revised fee structure starting January 16th. Check official sources for specific details.

Why This Matters:

  • More Convenience: Downloading your license online saves time and hassle. No more queueing or waiting!
  • Modernization: This digital shift aligns with the government’s commitment to technology and citizen convenience.
  • Don’t Delay: Act before the January 16th deadline to avoid the new fees and enjoy the ease of e-licenses.

Remember: Driving without a valid license is a no-go. Make sure you’re legal and safe on the road.

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