You are currently viewing Suzuki Alto Withholding Tax Changes: Check Details

Suzuki Alto Withholding Tax Changes: Check Details

Suzuki Alto Withholding Tax Changes: Check Details

Suzuki Alto: Affordability, Efficiency, and Modern Design

The Suzuki Alto, a widely favored compact car in Pakistan, continues to impress with its affordability, fuel efficiency, and spacious interior.

Since its debut, the Alto has seen numerous updates and facelifts, ensuring it remains a top choice for Pakistani consumers.

Features and Specifications

The latest Suzuki Alto is designed with aerodynamics in mind, featuring unique lines and curves that provide a dynamic and vibrant appearance.

This highly efficient performance car is equipped with a spacious cabin and modern amenities, including an MP5 touchscreen and various accessories. Key features include:

  • 660cc R-Series Engine: A three-cylinder petrol engine that balances power and fuel efficiency.
  • Safety Features: Seat belts, ABS brakes, and airbags, ensuring the safety of all passengers.
  • Interior Comfort: A roomy interior with a user-friendly touchscreen, making it ideal for the new generation.

Suzuki Alto Prices in Pakistan

Understanding the cost is crucial for prospective buyers. Here are the ex-factory prices for the Suzuki Alto models:

  • Alto VX: Rs 2,331,000
  • Alto VXR: Rs 2,707,000
  • Alto VXR-AGS: Rs 2,894,000
  • Alto VXL-AGS: Rs 3,045,000

New Withholding Tax on Suzuki Alto

In a significant change, the Punjab Excise has updated the withholding tax policy. Previously, a fixed amount was collected based on the engine capacity. However, the 2024-25 budget introduced a new system where the withholding tax is calculated based on the vehicle’s invoice price. This change aims to streamline tax collection and ensure it is proportional to the vehicle’s value.

Starting from July 2024, the new withholding tax rates are as follows:

Alto VX:

  • Filers: Rs 11,655
  • Non-filers: Rs 34,965

Alto VXR:

  • Filers: Rs 13,535
  • Non-filers: Rs 40,605


  • Filers: Rs 14,470
  • Non-filers: Rs 43,410


  • Filers: Rs 15,225
  • Non-filers: Rs 45,675

Impact of New Tax Regulations

This new tax policy reflects the government’s effort to make tax collection more efficient and equitable. For current and potential Suzuki Alto owners, it is crucial to understand these tax implications to make well-informed purchasing decisions.


The Suzuki Alto continues to be a smart choice for car buyers in Pakistan, offering a blend of modern design, reliable performance, and now, with transparent tax implications based on the latest government regulations.

To stay updated with the latest automotive news and tax regulations, ensure you regularly check trusted sources and official announcements. This will help you make the best financial choices when purchasing your next vehicle. For more information, visit the official Suzuki Pakistan website or consult with your local dealership.

By keeping informed, you can navigate the automotive market effectively and enjoy the benefits of owning a vehicle like the Suzuki Alto, tailored to meet your needs and preferences.

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