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Dewan Motors Launched BMW i5 and R1300

Dewan Motors Launched BMW i5 and R1300 car models.

BMW i5 and R1300 Take Pakistan by Storm: Dewan Motors Unveils Electrifying Future and Thrill-Seeking Power

Get ready for a revolution in luxury mobility! Dewan Motors, the official BMW importer in Pakistan, has unveiled the highly-anticipated BMW i5 and R1300 models, setting a new course for sustainable transportation and exhilarating performance.

The launch event, graced by Mr. Zaeem Ul Haq, Director of Operations at Dewan Motors, and esteemed BMW customers, showcased the cutting-edge features of these two remarkable vehicles:

The BMW i5: A Sustainable Statement:

  • The epitome of eco-conscious luxury: The i5 embodies the future of driving with its all-electric drivetrain, producing zero emissions for a cleaner environment.
  • Advanced technology at your fingertips: Experience the thrill of powerful electric performance combined with cutting-edge features for a seamless driving experience.

The BMW R1300: Unleash Your Inner Rider:

  • Built for the thrill seeker: The R1300 is a performance machine designed to elevate your riding experience.
  • Precision engineering meets innovation: Experience the unparalleled handling and advanced features that make every ride an adventure.

Dewan Motors: Shaping the Future of Mobility in Pakistan:

Mr. Zaeem Ul Haq, expressing Dewan Motors’ excitement, stated, “We are thrilled to introduce the BMW i5 and R1300 to Pakistan, pushing the boundaries of innovation, luxury, and driving pleasure. Our commitment to delivering unparalleled customer experiences remains unwavering, and these new additions reaffirm our dedication to shaping the future of mobility in Pakistan.”

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