You are currently viewing Suzuki Alto’s Latest Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Alto’s Latest Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Alto’s Latest Price in Pakistan still hovers from Alto VXR: At Rs2,251,000 to Rs2,799,000 VXR-AGS.

Suzuki Alto: Still the Budget King in Turbulent Times?

While Pakistan’s auto industry navigates economic headwinds, the ever-popular Suzuki Alto remains a beacon of affordability and value.

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Here’s a quick look at its latest prices amidst rising car costs:

The Entry Point:

  • Alto VXR: At Rs2,251,000, this variant remains the go-to for budget-conscious car enthusiasts seeking a reliable and efficient ride.

Automatic Ease:

  • Alto VXR AGS: For those who prioritize convenience, the Rs2,612,000 VXR AGS offers automatic transmission without breaking the bank.
  • Alto VXL-AGS: Take the automatic experience up a notch with the Rs2,935,000 VXL-AGS, which boasts additional features for an enhanced ride.

The Sweet Spot:

  • Alto VXR-AGS: For a balance of affordability and automatic convenience, the Rs2,799,000 VXR-AGS might be the perfect sweet spot.

Suzuki Alto Specifications

Here’s a table summarizing the key specifications of each Suzuki Alto variant:

VariantPrice (Rs)TransmissionEngineSeating CapacityKey Features
Alto VXR2,251,000Manual660cc 3-cylinder5Power steering, air conditioning, power windows (front), immobilizer
Alto VXR AGS2,612,000Automatic660cc 3-cylinder5Same as VXR, plus automatic transmission
Alto VXR-AGS2,799,000Automatic660cc 3-cylinder5Same as VXR AGS, possible additional features
Alto VXL-AGS2,935,000Automatic660cc 3-cylinder5Alloy wheels, touchscreen infotainment system, rear parking sensors

Worth the Price?

With economic pressures pushing car prices across the board, the Alto’s continued value proposition remains a key selling point. However, the decision to invest ultimately depends on individual needs and budget.

So, is the Suzuki Alto still the budget king amidst these turbulent times? That’s for you to decide!

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