You are currently viewing Surge in Crystal Ice Use in Lahore Reported

Surge in Crystal Ice Use in Lahore Reported

Surge in Crystal Ice Use in Lahore Reported.

Lahore’s Shadowy Struggle: Crystal Ice Grips Youth as Drug Use Skyrockets in 2023

A chilling report paints a picture of Lahore battling a rising tide of drug addiction, with ice meth claiming lives and ensnaring youth.

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The Dissemination of Annual Report 2023 on Addiction in Lahore, compiled by the Drug Advisory Training Hub (DATH), reveals a 40% surge in drug demand among young people, fueled by online platforms and readily available Crystal Ice.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ice Meth Epidemic: Crystal Ice has become the drug of choice for many young Lahorenites, posing a serious threat to their health and well-being.
  • Digital Dealers: WhatsApp groups, online channels, and mobile apps are facilitating the spread of addiction, raising concerns about accessibility and reach.
  • Widespread Use: Despite ongoing efforts, consumption of various drugs, including heroin, ecstasy, LSD, and cigarettes, remains prevalent across demographics.
  • Human Cost: The report paints a tragic picture of 559 homeless and unidentified drug users losing their lives on Lahore’s streets in 2023.

Calling for Action:

The alarming statistics highlight the need for immediate and multifaceted action:

  • Strengthening prevention programs: Education and awareness campaigns aimed at youth about the dangers of drug use are crucial.
  • Tackling online channels: Law enforcement must prioritize disrupting drug distribution networks operating through the internet and mobile apps.
  • Increasing treatment accessibility: Expanding access to addiction treatment and rehabilitation services, including mental health support, is essential.
  • Community involvement: Building a support network of families, caregivers, and social workers can play a vital role in recovery efforts.

Spreading Awareness:

Shadow Dealers Haunt Lahore Streets: Drug Hotspots Plague Pakistan’s Second City

Lahore, Pakistan’s vibrant cultural pulse and the nation’s second-largest city, is battling a hidden enemy – a rampant drug epidemic festering in over 110 hotspots.

Names like Roshani Gate, Masti Gate, and Ali Park mark not historical landmarks, but hubs where addiction flourishes with chilling impunity.

A Web of Despair:

  • Needle Points on the Map: From bustling commercial districts like Lakshmi Chowk to the sacred grounds of Data Darbar, the report maps a grim reality – Lahore’s streets are crawling with injection sites.
  • Young Lives Entrapped: Crystal Ice, a particularly potent and destructive drug, has become the grim choice for many, tearing families apart and threatening the city’s future.
  • Hidden Toll: The human cost is staggering. In 2023, 6,096 women in Lahore sought divorce, citing reasons like drug-addicted husbands and domestic violence – a heartbreaking testament to the drug epidemic’s insidious reach.

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