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Traffic Plan Devised for a Jalsa in Lahore

Traffic Plan Devised for a Jalsa in Lahore. As the highly anticipated return of PMLN’s leader draws near, one of the country’s major political parties is making extensive preparations to express solidarity and garner support by organizing a grand public gathering, known as a Jalsa, at Minar-e-Pakistan.

To ensure the smooth flow of this event and effectively manage the influx of party members and supporters, the traffic police have devised an advisory plan.

The vicinity of Greater Iqbal Park will see an increased presence of traffic control personnel, with more than 1500 wardens being deployed under the supervision of divisional officers.

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The Traffic Proposal:

In a bid to provide convenience to attendees, 16 designated parking points have been set up, along with three dedicated drop-off lanes for participants arriving in larger vehicles.

Parking Plan

The Lahore City Traffic Police have extended an appeal for cooperation from participants to ensure the seamless flow of traffic.

Special arrangements have been instituted for participants arriving from various routes.

Those coming from GT Road via Lahore City will follow the Mureedke GT Road to Kala Shah Kaku and eventually reach the Jalsa Gah (the gathering place).

Similarly, participants arriving from Faisalabad Motorway will take the Sargodha Road to reach the Jalsa Gah via Niazi Chowk.

Those approaching from Multan Road will utilize the Motorway Babu Sabu to access the Jalsa Gah through Band Road Niazi Chowk.

For participants arriving via Qasoor Ferozepur Road and Mall Road, the route will guide them to the Jalsa Gah through Kutchery Chowk Datta Darbar.

Traffic Plan Devised for a Jalsa in Lahore

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Vehicles from Kutchery Chowk will be directed to park on Saggian Rang Road, while those arriving from Niazi Chowk will be directed to park on Rang Road.

The advisory strongly emphasizes the need to keep routes clear for ambulances and emergency vehicles at all times.

Additionally, various parking points, such as Timber Market to Niazi Chowk, Jungleat Department, and Lari Adda Bus Stand, will be utilized to effectively manage the event.

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With meticulous planning and coordination, the PMLN is gearing up for this historic gathering to welcome Nawaz Sharif.

The city is buzzing with anticipation for this monumental event at Minar-e-Pakistan. Traffic Plan Devised for a Jalsa in Lahore is expected to provide much-needed relief to the public in times of this jalsa.

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