You are currently viewing Smuggling of 397000 liters Iranian Diesel Foiled

Smuggling of 397000 liters Iranian Diesel Foiled

Smuggling of 397000 liters Iranian Diesel Foiled by law enforcement forces.

Fuel Smuggling Foiled! FC Balochistan Nabs Iranian Diesel Trucks at Pakistan Border

Quetta, Pakistan: In a bold strike against fuel smuggling, the Frontier Constabulary Balochistan North region (FCBN) intercepted nine trucks overflowing with Iranian diesel near the border with Sindh on Sunday.

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This decisive action thwarted a massive 379,000-liter smuggling attempt, safeguarding Pakistan’s economic interests and border security.

Plugging the Pipeline:

  • Acting swiftly on intelligence reports, FCBN personnel apprehended the illegal cargo before it could enter Pakistan.
  • The confiscated diesel, a significant quantity representing roughly 35% of the daily demand in some parts of the country, has been handed over to customs authorities for legal processing.

A Growing Threat:

  • This timely bust sheds light on a growing issue, as the Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association (PPDA) reports a concerning rise in Iranian diesel smuggling.
  • Initially a problem in Balochistan, the illegal trade has now spread to other parts of the country, threatening fair competition and impacting legitimate fuel businesses.

Beyond the Border:

  • The smuggling not only undermines Pakistan’s economy but also poses environmental risks and concerns about fuel adulteration.
  • FCBN’s vigilance at the border serves as a critical defense against these multifaceted threats, protecting vulnerable communities and ensuring fair trade practices.

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