You are currently viewing Shaheen Force Deploys in Karachi to Control Street Crime

Shaheen Force Deploys in Karachi to Control Street Crime

Shaheen Force Deploys in Karachi to Control Street Crime.

Karachi Cracks Down on Crime: Shaheen Force Hits the Streets

Karachi residents seeking a safer city can breathe a sigh of relief.

The Sindh government has taken a decisive step to combat escalating street crime by deploying the Shaheen Force, a specialized police unit tasked with restoring peace and order in the metropolis.

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This significant development was announced during a high-level Apex Committee meeting on Thursday, attended by key officials including President Asif Zardari, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, and representatives from law enforcement agencies.

Multi-Pronged Approach to Enhance Security

The meeting addressed Karachi’s security situation from multiple angles:

  • Shaheen Force Deployment: The Shaheen Force’s mobilization signifies a dedicated effort to curb street crime. This specialized unit will actively patrol the city, deterring criminal activity and enhancing public safety.
  • Strengthened Police Presence: Recognizing the importance of a robust police force, the government has bolstered resources by providing an additional 168 vehicles and 120 motorcycles. This will improve police efficiency, response times, and overall reach throughout Karachi.
  • Focus on Apprehension and Rescue: Recent reports from law enforcement highlight their success:
    • Rangers Sindh: Apprehended 49 individuals involved in street crime within four months. Additionally, 43 suspects were captured, and 13 neutralized during operations.
    • Sindh Police: Eliminated 63 dacoits and arrested 418 in the past four months. Efforts are underway to locate and apprehend 20 more individuals.
    • Abduction Rescue: Successfully rescued 103 citizens from abduction, with operations ongoing to locate the remaining 20 individuals. These figures demonstrate active efforts to apprehend criminals and safeguard citizens.

Securing the Future: Ongoing Initiatives

The Apex Committee meeting also emphasized long-term security measures:

  • Completion of Karachi Safe City Project: The President directed the swift completion of this project, which utilizes technology for enhanced surveillance and crime prevention.
  • Securing City Routes: Modern barriers will be installed on Karachi’s internal and external routes, further strengthening security measures.
  • Zero Tolerance for Land Grabbing: President Zardari reiterated a strict policy against land grabbing, ensuring a more secure and legally sound environment.
  • Protection of Chinese Nationals: The meeting emphasized the importance of safeguarding Chinese nationals residing in Karachi.

Honoring Sacrifice and Moving Forward

The fight against crime has not been without sacrifice. The meeting acknowledged the bravery of law enforcement personnel, with 17 police officers having laid down their lives and 27 injured in the line of duty. Their sacrifice serves as a reminder of the ongoing commitment to ensuring Karachi’s safety.

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