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PTA Facilitates Overseas Pakistanis with Temporary Mobile Registration

PTA Facilitates Overseas Pakistanis with Temporary Mobile Registration.

In a move to simplify mobile registration for overseas Pakistanis and foreign nationals visiting Pakistan, the Ministry of Information Technology and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) have introduced a new streamlined system.

This system allows individuals to register their mobile devices and use them in Pakistan without incurring any taxes or duties for a period of 120 days from their arrival date.

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Key Highlights of the New System:

  • Seamless Registration Process: Individuals can register their mobile phones through a user-friendly online portal at
  • Category Selection: Users can choose the category ‘Overseas Pakistanis and Foreign Citizens’ during registration.
  • 120-Day Usage: Once registered, users can utilize their mobile devices tax-free for 120 days.
  • Reapplication Required: Overseas Pakistanis and foreign nationals need to reapply for the free registration facility each time they enter Pakistan.

Step-by-Step Registration Guide:

  1. Create an Account: Sign up and create an account by providing the required details.
  2. Choose Temporary Registration: Select the ‘Temporary Registration’ option and proceed with the registration process.
  3. Submit Personal Details: Fill out the registration form accurately, ensuring the information matches the details provided during immigration.
  4. Verification: Verify your account by following the link sent in the SMS or email.
  5. Login and Declaration: Log in to the portal and agree to the Terms & Conditions. Select ‘Temporary Registration for Overseas Pakistanis/Foreign Nationals.’
  6. Enter Details: Provide your ID card or passport number, entry and departure dates, and mobile network operator details.
  7. Generate OTP: Submit the form to generate a six-digit OTP. Enter this OTP to activate your account successfully.

This streamlined process ensures a quick and efficient temporary registration, allowing overseas Pakistanis and foreign nationals to stay connected during their visit to Pakistan without incurring additional costs.

The initiative reflects PTA’s commitment to facilitating overseas visitors and promoting a digital-friendly environment in the country. PTA Facilitates Overseas Pakistanis with Temporary Mobile Registration is indeed a positive step for overseas countrymen.

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