You are currently viewing Punjab E-bike for Students Paused until Monday by LHC

Punjab E-bike for Students Paused until Monday by LHC

Punjab E-bike for Students Paused until Monday by LHC.

Punjab E-Bike Giveaway for Students on Hold: Safety Concerns Raised by Lahore High Court

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has thrown a curveball at the Punjab government’s initiative to distribute electric bikes (e-bikes) to students.

In a move aimed at ensuring student safety and promoting sustainable transportation, the court has temporarily halted the program and requested comprehensive details about its implementation.

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Hold on the Lucky Draw:

The e-bike distribution program, which was slated to involve a lucky draw, is now on hold until Monday, at least.

The court’s decision came during a hearing focused on smog elimination strategies in Punjab.

Seeking Clarity:

The LHC has requested a detailed report from the Punjab government outlining the program’s scope and implementation plan. Specifically, the court seeks information on the number of e-bikes to be distributed and the targeted cities.

Safety First:

Justice Shahid Karim, presiding over the case, expressed concerns about potential safety hazards associated with e-bikes. He highlighted the importance of student safety and emphasized the role of public transportation in ensuring safe and responsible mobility. The judge raised concerns about reckless riding practices like one-wheeling, which could pose risks to students.

Beyond Safety – Gender Concerns:

The court also expressed concerns regarding the potential misuse of e-bikes by male students congregating near girls’ colleges. Justice Karim suggested the government consider equipping colleges with electric buses as an alternative to individual e-bikes for students. This shift towards public transport aligns with a broader goal of promoting safer and more sustainable commuting options for Punjab’s student population.

Beyond E-bikes:

The news report also mentions a separate development related to the court’s efforts to combat issues in Lahore. A judicial commission member reported a decrease in chicken supply at the Tollinton Market following court orders. This suggests the court’s proactive approach to addressing various concerns within the province.

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