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Foreigners to Get On-arrival Driving License in Sri Lanka

Foreigners to Get On-arrival Driving License in Sri Lanka after an abrupt measure taken to uplift the struggling economy.

Sri Lanka Revs Up: Airport Driver’s Licenses Coming for Easy Tourism!

No more Colombo traffic jams for tourist licenses! Sri Lanka is making it easier than ever for visitors to hit the road with on-arrival driver’s licenses starting April.

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Skip the red tape, embrace the island vibes: This new service eliminates the need for foreigners to navigate the lengthy process at the Department of Motor Traffic. Now, just grab your passport and get behind the wheel!

Win-win for everyone: Tourism gets a boost as visitors explore Sri Lanka’s beauty at their own pace. Plus, the island nation earns fresh foreign exchange as the license fee gets a currency upgrade.

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No more Werahera woes: Tour operators, rejoice! Your clients no longer face the bureaucratic nightmare of the Colombo suburb’s DMT. 3,500 happy tourists on the road, anyone?

“This is not a good situation,” says Transport Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna. “From April, we’re making it easy at the airport!”

Sri Lanka Drives Down License Hassles for Tourists!

Say goodbye to lengthy paperwork and Colombo traffic jams! Tourists can now breeze through Sri Lanka at their own pace thanks to a new on-arrival driver’s license service launching in April.

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It’s a win-win:

  • For Tourists: Skip the red tape and explore the island’s beauty on your own terms. The new service replaces the current one-day (30,000 rupees) and normal (25,000 rupees) options, offering more flexibility and freedom.
  • For Sri Lanka: Ease regulations to boost tourism and attract much-needed foreign currency. This builds on recent efforts to simplify visa procedures, all aiming to revive the economy after inflation and terrorism setbacks.


  • Details on the new, simplified visa procedures are still in the pipeline.
  • Sri Lanka’s focus on tourism revival is evident in these convenient measures.

Sri Lanka, get ready for more epic road trip stories! This convenient policy paves the way for unforgettable adventures for both tourists and the island nation.

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