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PTCL Broadband Price Hike

PTCL Broadband Price Hike, Effective from January 1, 2024.

PTCL Raises the Bar: Landline & Broadband Rates Set to Jump Over 10%

Brace yourself, PTCL users! Your landline and broadband bills are about to get a bit heavier. Starting January 1, 2024, expect to see double-digit increases in monthly rates across the board.

The official announcement, delivered via messages on Friday, confirmed the price hike, citing mounting business costs as the driving force.

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PTCL, committed to maintaining service quality and operational efficiency, feels this adjustment is necessary.

Hold onto your hats, PTCL users! Get ready for faster internet…at a steeper price.

Starting January 1st, 2024, your monthly broadband bill will be sporting a new look, thanks to PTCL’s tariff revision. Brace yourself for these updated digits:

  • 6 Mbps: Prepare to shell out Rs.2,050 for your basic browsing needs.
  • 10 Mbps: Feeling a bit more adventurous? 10 Mbps will now cost Rs.2,400.
  • 20 Mbps: Upgrade your streaming experience with 20 Mbps, but be ready to pay Rs.2,650.
  • 30 Mbps: Work-from-home warriors, rejoice! 30 Mbps comes at Rs.3,020.
  • 50 Mbps: Binge-watchers take note, 50 Mbps now sets you back Rs.5,100.
  • 100 Mbps: Gamers and speed demons, be prepared to pay Rs.8,800 for the ultimate online rush.

Remember, these figures apply to DSL connections. So, whether you’re a casual web surfer or a data-hungry power user, your PTCL broadband bill is about to get a boost.

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Sources inside the company suggest frustration with rising expenses as the main reason behind the decision.

However, they also emphasize PTCL’s dedication to delivering reliable and efficient telecommunication services.

This development is bound to spark discussions among users.

Some may view it as an unwelcome burden, while others might understand the challenges faced by telecom providers in today’s economic climate.

The question remains: will these higher prices translate into improved service quality and innovation from PTCL? Only time will tell.

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