You are currently viewing Gilgit Encounters Telecom Breakdown Slowing Economy

Gilgit Encounters Telecom Breakdown Slowing Economy

Gilgit Encounters Telecom Breakdown Slowing Economy.

Gilgit Blacked Out: Telecom Breakdown Cripples Connectivity and Sparks Frustration

Chaos erupted in Gilgit on as major telecom providers, including Zong, Telenor, and Jazz, experienced a massive network outage.

Hundreds of residents were left stranded without phone coverage, severely impacting daily life and businesses.

The day unfolded like this:

  • Early morning: Mobile networks went down across Gilgit, leaving residents frustrated and disconnected.
  • 3:30pm: Services partially restored for Telenor and Jazz customers, but Zong remained offline.
  • Throughout the day: Residents struggled with essential tasks like making calls, accessing online services, and communicating with loved ones.
  • Evening: Frustration mounted as attempts to reach customer service centers for an explanation proved unsuccessful.

Varying responses from providers:

  • Telenor: Acknowledged the outage, apologized to customers, and promised a swift resolution.
  • Zong: Downplayed the issue, despite widespread reports of service disruption.
  • Jazz: No official statement available, despite customer complaints and unanswered inquiries.

Impact and consequences:

  • Businesses disrupted: Communication with customers, suppliers, and partners became impossible, impacting operations and sales.
  • Remote learning hindered: Students relying on online classes faced difficulties accessing educational materials and attending virtual sessions.
  • Personal inconveniences: Residents faced difficulties making calls, sending messages, and accessing essential online services.
  • Economic slowdown: The outage hampered business activity and impacted the overall economic flow of the city.

Social media buzz:

  • #GilgitBlackout trended on Twitter, with residents expressing their frustration and demanding answers from the telecom companies.
  • Local news outlets reported on the issue, highlighting the widespread impact and lack of official explanation.
  • Gilgit faces telecom breakdown, leaving hundreds in lurch

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