You are currently viewing PTA Tax Removed in Pakistan in 2024?

PTA Tax Removed in Pakistan in 2024?

PTA Tax Removed in Pakistan in 2024?

PTA Tax Removed in Pakistan in 2024?

PTA Tax in Pakistan (May 2024): Setting the Record Straight

There’s been confusion surrounding mobile phone taxes in Pakistan. Recent news reports claiming the removal of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) taxes on imported phones are inaccurate.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) clarifies that no such decision has been made by the government.

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Clearing Up Misconceptions:

  • No Broad Tax Removal: Contrary to rumors, there’s been no announcement eliminating FBR taxes on mobile phone registration.
  • Temporary Exemption for Overseas Pakistanis: The Prime Minister did extend a program allowing overseas Pakistanis to register phones tax-free for 120 days per visit (July 2023). This temporary measure is the only current exception.
  • Non-PTA Phones and Easy Registration: False! Claims suggesting non-PTA phones can be legalized by simply inserting a SIM are misleading. The Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) ensures phones meet technical standards and comply with regulations after FBR tax payment.

Understanding the Process:

  • PTA’s Role: The PTA verifies technical specifications for mobile device registration through DIRBS.
  • FBR’s Responsibility: The Federal Board of Revenue sets and collects mobile phone import taxes.

Where to Get Accurate Information?

The PTA urges citizens to rely on official sources for updates on mobile phone taxes. You can confirm the latest information directly from the FBR.

Tax Breakdown for Apple iPhones (May 2024):

Here’s a breakdown of current PTA tax amounts for various iPhone 15 models (depending on registration method – Passport or CNIC):

  • Apple iPhone 15: (Passport: PKR 107,325, CNIC: PKR 130,708)
  • Apple iPhone 15 Plus: (Passport: PKR 113,075, CNIC: PKR 137,033)
  • Apple iPhone 15 Pro: (Passport: PKR 135,300, CNIC: PKR 161,480)
  • Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max: (Passport: PKR 148,500, CNIC: PKR 176,000)


These taxes are crucial for importing new phones legally and ensuring regulatory compliance in Pakistan.

Stay Informed!

By clarifying these points, we aim to provide accurate information regarding mobile phone taxes in Pakistan. We encourage you to consult official sources for the latest updates and avoid relying on misinformation.

Note: The information above might not be accepted 100%. Please verify from your own sources. We will not be responsible for any kind of loss due to our content.

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