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Canada Accepting 3 English Language Tests

Canada Accepting 3 English Language Tests for Express Entry Immigration 2024.

3 Paths to Canadian Dreams: Canada Expands English Language Tests for Express Entry!

Dreaming of a new life in Canada? The Canadian government just made your journey easier! As of 2024, skilled immigrants applying through the Express Entry program now have three choices for proving their English proficiency.

This exciting update opens up more opportunities for talented individuals worldwide.

Why is English proficiency important? Canada values communication skills, and English is one of the official languages.

Demonstrating your English fluency is crucial for integrating into Canadian society and securing employment.

Here’s your guide to the three accepted tests:

1. CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program):

  • Choose the CELPIP-General test, specifically designed to assess English used in everyday Canadian life and workplaces.
  • Find a CELPIP-approved testing center near you.

2. IELTS (International English Language Testing System):

  • Opt for the IELTS General Training option, focusing on real-life English communication skills.
  • Find an authorized IELTS test center worldwide.

3. PTE Core (Pearson Test of English):

  • Choose the PTE Core option, a computer-delivered test assessing your English communication abilities.
  • Locate a PTE-approved test center globally.


  • All test results must be obtained from IRCC-approved agencies.
  • Your test results must be valid (less than 2 years old) when you:
    • Complete your Express Entry profile
    • Apply for permanent residence
  • Your Express Entry profile validity (12 months) must coincide with your test result validity.

Ready to take the next step?

  • Visit the official IRCC website for detailed information and resources.
  • Choose the English test that best suits your skills and preferences.
  • Start preparing for your chosen test with available study materials and practice tests.

By expanding the accepted language tests, Canada welcomes a wider range of skilled immigrants. With your English proficiency showcased, you can unlock exciting opportunities and build a fulfilling future in Canada!

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