You are currently viewing PIA Prepares for Hajj 2024: Flights to Start from May 9

PIA Prepares for Hajj 2024: Flights to Start from May 9

PIA Prepares for Hajj 2024: Flights to Start from May 9

Pakistan Embarks on Hajj 2024: A Guide for Aspiring Pilgrims

With the holy season fast approaching, excitement fills the air as Pakistan gears up for Hajj 2024.

The national flag carrier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), is ready to serve thousands of pilgrims embarking on this sacred journey to Saudi Arabia.

Here’s a comprehensive look at what Pakistani pilgrims can expect for Hajj 2024:

Soaring Towards Mecca: Hajj Flight Operations

Hajj flight operations for 2024 commence on May 9th, running through the second week of May and into June.

These flights cater specifically to the influx of devout Pakistani pilgrims, ensuring a smooth and comfortable travel experience.

Lifting Barriers: Saudi Arabia Reinstates Hajj Quota and Age Limit

In a move that will be welcomed by many, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has reinstated Pakistan’s Hajj quota and lifted the age limit for pilgrims.

This removes a significant barrier, allowing a wider range of individuals to participate in this life-changing spiritual journey.

Did You Get Selected? Results of the Hajj 2024 Draw

The results of the Hajj 2024 draw, announced in December 2023, revealed that over 63,000 fortunate applicants were selected for the revered journey under the state-run scheme.

Embracing Technology: Mobile Apps Streamline Hajj Experience

This year, the Saudi Hajj and Umrah ministry has made smartphones mandatory for all pilgrims. Mobile applications will provide comprehensive guidance throughout the pilgrimage, from boarding your PIA flight to navigating accommodation in Saudi Arabia.

Pilgrims will also receive instructional videos to enhance their understanding of the Hajj rituals.

Additionally, each pilgrim will be given a complimentary mobile SIM card, courtesy of a Saudi telecommunications company, offering 180 minutes of international calls, allowing you to stay connected with loved ones back home.

Preparation is Key: Pre-Hajj Training and Health Protocols

Domestic preparations are also in full swing. The second phase of Hajj training for pilgrims begins on April 15th.

These training sessions, conducted by 40 proficient trainers across 122 locations nationwide, will familiarize pilgrims with the latest initiatives and crucial Hajj-related information.

This ensures a seamless and spiritually enriching experience for all participants.

Prioritizing Health and Well-being: Mandatory Vaccinations and Essential Amenities

The health and well-being of pilgrims remain a top priority. Mandatory vaccination protocols will be implemented ten days before the start of Hajj flights.

Additionally, pilgrims will be provided with essential amenities, including a suitcase, hand-carry bag, shoe bag, Ihram belt, and a distinctive green scarf adorned with the Pakistani flag.

This scarf not only serves a practical purpose but also fosters a sense of unity and national pride among the pilgrim cohort.

Planning Your Hajj Journey: Additional Resources

For Pakistani pilgrims seeking further information, several resources are available.

The official website of the Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony ( provides comprehensive information on Hajj procedures and requirements.

Additionally, PIA’s website ( offers details about Hajj flight schedules and booking procedures.

As Pakistan readies for Hajj 2024, a sense of anticipation and spiritual yearning permeates the air.

With streamlined processes, technological advancements, and unwavering dedication to pilgrim well-being, Pakistan aims to ensure a smooth and fulfilling journey for all participants.

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