You are currently viewing Peshawar BRT Ticket Prices may Increase by Rs 5

Peshawar BRT Ticket Prices may Increase by Rs 5

Peshawar BRT Ticket Prices may Increase by Rs 5.

Peshawar BRT Fares on the Rise: Potential Hike to Address Rising Costs

Commuters in Peshawar using the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system may soon face an increase in ticket prices.

The BRT administration is considering a fare hike, with the base fare potentially rising from Rs15 to Rs20, an increase of Rs5.

Rising Electricity Costs Cited as Primary Reason

The BRT spokesperson has attributed the proposed fare increase to the recent surge in electricity prices. This rise in operational costs necessitates an adjustment in transportation costs to maintain the efficient functioning of the BRT system.

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Consequently, the maximum fare for the entire BRT route is expected to climb from Rs55 to Rs60.

Financial Pressures and Government Plans

This development aligns with previous announcements by Muzzammil Aslam, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa adviser to the chief minister on finance. The provincial government aims to reduce the substantial subsidy currently allocated to the Peshawar BRT, which stands at approximately Rs6 billion. Their goal is to bring this down to Rs3 billion.

Strategies to Reduce Subsidy

This reduction is planned to be achieved through a two-pronged approach:

  • Cost-Cutting Measures: The government intends to implement cost-cutting measures within the BRT system to reduce expenditure by Rs2 billion.
  • Fare Hike: The proposed fare increase of Rs5-Rs10 per trip is another strategy to bridge the financial gap and lessen the reliance on subsidies.

Privatization as a Potential Alternative

Aslam has also highlighted that privatizing the BRT service could be an option. However, this scenario would likely lead to a significant fare hike, potentially reaching Rs80 per person. While privatization may offer some financial relief for the government, it could pose a burden on commuters who rely on the BRT system for affordable transportation.

Negotiations with the Federal Government

The provincial government is currently engaged in discussions with the federal government to address the financial challenges faced by the BRT system. Finding a solution that balances budgetary constraints with the need for affordable public transportation remains a priority.pen_spark

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