You are currently viewing Intensified Operation Targets Water Theft Surge in Karachi

Intensified Operation Targets Water Theft Surge in Karachi

Intensified Operation Targets Water Theft Surge in Karachi.
Karachi Clamps Down on Water Theft: Joint Operation Targets Subsoil Disguise

Karachi is cracking down on rampant water theft through a second phase of a joint operation led by the Sindh Rangers and the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board Corporation (KW&SB).

Key points:

  • Clean drinking water: Officials uncovered large-scale theft of clean drinking water, disguised as subsoil water, and sold for commercial purposes.
  • Focus on low-line areas: The current phase targets the theft of fresh water masquerading as subsoil bore operations, focusing on low-line areas under the Garden police station.
  • Significant impact: The operation restored 4 million gallons of water daily, preventing a monthly loss of Rs. 300 million.
  • Stolen water source: Estimates suggest annual water theft at Rs. 2 billion, with initial reports indicating stolen water originates from a 33-inch water board line and sold for commercial gain.
  • Increased water supply: Following the operation, Lyari’s Mira Naka saw a water supply increase from 2 feet to 6 feet.
  • Ongoing effort: Paramilitary forces have apprehended 165 suspects and removed 204 illegal hydrants through 93 operations.
  • Comprehensive approach: The operation aims to eradicate all illegal hydrants and freshwater theft in the city.

This joint effort marks a significant step towards addressing water scarcity and ensuring fair access to clean drinking water for all Karachi residents.

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