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Pakistan Secretly Supplied Weapons to Ukraine

Pakistan Secretly Supplied Weapons to Ukraine.

In the past year, Pakistan reportedly entered a substantial arms sales agreement, amounting to $364 million, with two private US companies, a revelation brought to light by BBC Urdu.

According to the report, these arms were purportedly sent to Ukraine to assist in its conflict with Russia, which began in February 2022.

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However, Pakistan has strongly denied the accusations:

“First of all, I reaffirm what we have said in the past that Pakistan has not sold weapons to Ukraine or to Russia as we have adopted a policy of strict neutrality in this conflict,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said at a weekly briefing in the capital Islamabad.

The arms deal in question involved two contracts inked with American entities known as “Global Military” and “Northrop Grumman,” with the sale specifically focusing on 155mm shells, as detailed in another BBC report.

Citing information from the American Federal Procurement Data System, the BBC Urdu report alleges that these weapons were procured from Pakistan, with the contracts officially sealed in August 2022. The agreements, valued at $232 million with Global Military and $131 million with Northrop Grumman, were reported to have concluded in October 2023.

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BBC Urdu claims that the deliveries occurred via a British military cargo plane departing from Nur Khan Air Base, making five landings in Rawalpindi.

In response to these allegations, Foreign Office Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch vehemently denied the claims during an interview with a media outlet.

She labeled the BBC Urdu report as “baseless and fabricated,” asserting that Pakistan adhered to a policy of strict neutrality in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Baloch emphasized that Pakistan did not supply arms or ammunition to either side in the context of the dispute, underscoring that the country’s defense exports consistently adhere to stringent end-user requirements.

This revelation has brought Pakistan into hot waters on the international arena once again.

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