You are currently viewing CM Maryam to Launch Safe City Project in all Districts

CM Maryam to Launch Safe City Project in all Districts

CM Maryam to Launch Safe City Project in all Districts.

Punjab Embraces Technology for Enhanced Security: Safe City Project Expands Province-Wide

Newly-elected Punjab Chief Minister, Maryam Nawaz, has set a clear agenda for bolstering security across the province.

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During her first visit to the Punjab Safe City Authority headquarters in Lahore, she announced a comprehensive plan that leverages technology for province-wide implementation of the Smart Safe City Project by December 31, 2024.

A Multi-Pronged Approach to Public Safety:

This ambitious initiative reflects the Punjab government’s commitment to:

  • Enhancing security measures through a comprehensive network of CCTV cameras and advanced security solutions across all districts.
  • Improving response times by equipping law enforcement agencies with cutting-edge technology and resources to ensure swift action in emergency situations.
  • Boosting public safety by creating a deterrence effect against crime and fostering a safer environment for all citizens.

CM Maryam Leads by Example:

CM Maryam’s visit was marked by active engagement with the Punjab Safe City Authority. She inspected the data center, digital wall, and Madadgar-15 call center, demonstrating a keen understanding of the existing infrastructure. Furthermore, she personally interacted with female police officers, showcasing her commitment to ensuring the safety of all individuals in the province.

Beyond the Smart Safe City Project:

CM Maryam’s vision extends beyond the provincial rollout of the Smart Safe City Project. She has also directed the authorities to:

  • Launch an upgraded “Women Safety App” within two weeks to provide enhanced protection for women in Punjab. This initiative acknowledges the specific safety concerns faced by women and represents a concrete step towards addressing them.
  • Establish a dedicated hostel for women police communication officers working at the Safe City Authority. This demonstrates the government’s dedication to supporting female officers and fostering a more inclusive security apparatus.

Leveraging Technology for a Safer Future:

CM Maryam was also briefed on the test run of the Safe City Crime Stopper app, a tool designed to combat rising crime rates. This app allows citizens to report incidents of terrorism, violence, and other crimes directly to the authorities. This interactive approach empowers citizens to contribute to their own safety and security.

A Collaboration for Progress:

The successful implementation of these initiatives will require close collaboration between the:

  • Punjab government
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Public

By working together and embracing technology, they have the potential to significantly improve the overall security landscape in Punjab. This will ultimately lead to a safer environment for all residents of the province.

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