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Pakistan Railways Launched Longest Freight Train

Pakistan Railways Launched Longest Freight Train.

Pakistan Steams Ahead: Historic Launch of Longest Freight Train

Pakistan Railways etched its name in the history books with the successful trial run of the nation’s longest and heaviest freight train.

This groundbreaking feat marks a significant step towards revolutionizing freight transportation within the country.

A Colossus on Tracks:

  • Imposing Length: Spanning a staggering 1.25 kilometers (2,500 feet), this behemoth of a train dwarfs its predecessors.
  • Powerhouse Locomotive: The GEU-40 locomotive, boasting an impressive 4563 horsepower, proves to be the heart of this engineering marvel.
  • Unprecedented Cargo Capacity: Fifty hopper wagons forming the train’s body were loaded with a remarkable 3,000 tonnes of cargo, pushing the total weight to a staggering 4,132 tons.

Efficient Operation:

  • Skilled Crew: Despite the immense size and weight, a lean team of just three crew members efficiently managed both ends of the train, demonstrating remarkable operational expertise.
  • Trial Run Success: The train successfully completed its 127 km trial run, achieving speeds exceeding 60 km/h. Following the trial and shedding excess load, the freight train continued its journey to its final destination.

A Catalyst for Progress:

  • Boosting Freight Operations: This accomplishment signifies a crucial step forward for Pakistan Railways. By demonstrating the capability to handle massive cargo efficiently, the initiative paves the way for a more robust freight transportation system.
  • Alignment with Government Policy: The move aligns perfectly with the government’s focus on increasing axle load limits and addressing the growing demand for intra-country cargo transportation originating from ports.
  • Enhancing Operational Capacity: Equipped with a fleet of 53 powerful GEU locomotives, Pakistan Railways is well-positioned to augment its operational capacity and cater to the ever-increasing demands of the nation’s freight sector.

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