You are currently viewing Ramadan Calendar Karachi Sehri and Iftar Timing

Ramadan Calendar Karachi Sehri and Iftar Timing

Ramadan Calendar Karachi Sehri and Iftar Timing.

Karachi Gears Up for Ramadan 2024: Essential Guide to Sehri & Iftar Timings

As the crescent moon marks the commencement of Ramadan, the spiritual significance of this holy month resonates deeply within the Muslim community of Karachi.

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Characterized by fasting, prayer, and heightened devotion, Ramadan is a time for spiritual reflection, strengthening community bonds, and acts of charity.

Accurate and Accessible Timings:

To assist Karachi residents in observing Ramadan seamlessly, here’s a comprehensive overview of Sehri (pre-dawn meal) and Iftar (breaking of the fast) timings throughout the month (as per the official Ramadan calendar for 2024):

DaySehri TimeIftar TimeDate
105:27 AM6:41 PMMarch 12
205:26 AM6:41 PMMarch 13
305:25 AM6:41 PMMarch 14
405:24 AM6:42 PMMarch 15
505:23 AM6:42 PMMarch 16
605:22 AM6:43 PMMarch 17
705:21 AM6:43 PMMarch 18
805:20 AM6:44 PMMarch 19
905:19 AM6:44 PMMarch 20
1005:18 AM6:45 PMMarch 21
1105:17 AM6:45 PMMarch 22
1205:15 AM6:45 PMMarch 23
1305:14 AM6:46 PMMarch 24
1405:13 AM6:46 PMMarch 25
1505:12 AM6:47 PMMarch 26
1605:11 AM6:47 PMMarch 27
1705:10 AM6:48 PMMarch 28
1805:09 AM6:48 PMMarch 29
1905:08 AM6:48 PMMarch 30
2005:07 AM6:49 PMMarch 31
2105:05 AM6:49 PMApril 1
2205:04 AM6:50 PMApril 2
2305:03 AM6:50 PMApril 3
2405:02 AM6:51 PMApril 4
2505:01 AM6:51 PMApril 5
2605:00 AM6:51 PMApril 6
2704:59 AM6:52 PMApril 7
2804:58 AM6:52 PMApril 8
2904:57 AM6:53 PMApril 9
3004:55 AM6:53 PMApril 10

Additional Resources:

  • It’s recommended to consult trustworthy sources like local mosques or verified online resources for the most up-to-date timings, as slight variations might occur.

Embracing the Spirit of Ramadan in Karachi:

As the holy month unfolds in Karachi, the city witnesses a transformed atmosphere:

  • Mosques: The air vibrates with the melodious recitation of the Quran, fostering a sense of spiritual connection and community.
  • Community Gatherings: Families and friends come together to share Iftar meals, strengthening social bonds and fostering a spirit of compassion.
  • Charitable Endeavors: Acts of charity and generosity become a focal point, with many individuals and organizations actively supporting those in need.

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