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Pakistan-Ethiopia Agreed to Boost Tourism

Pakistan-Ethiopia Agreed to Boost Tourism.

Pakistan and Ethiopia have forged a mutual commitment to boost tourist exchanges, emphasizing heightened collaboration in the realms of medicine and agricultural education.

The accord was reached during a meeting between Pakistan’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and the African Union, Atif Sharif, and the City Mayor of the Ethiopian city of Aksum in Tigray.

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In this diplomatic interaction, Ambassador Atif Sharif and Mayor Aksum pledged to explore the twinning of Aksum city with a Pakistani city, fostering closer ties and facilitating the exchange of cultural and developmental practices.

Additionally, both parties expressed their commitment to advancing tourist exchanges between the two nations, promoting a cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

During the meeting, Ambassador Atif Sharif seized the opportunity to explore the rich heritage sites of Aksum. The envoy visited the 1400-year-old memorial of Aksum Kings, a significant testament to Ethiopia’s historical legacy. Moreover, the exploration extended to a church and museum, offering a glimpse into the cultural and historical tapestry of the region.

This diplomatic initiative underscores the importance of fostering international relationships beyond political spheres. The commitment to cultural exchange, tourism promotion, and collaboration in medicine and agricultural education reflects a shared vision for a more interconnected and cooperative global community. As Pakistan and Ethiopia work towards strengthening their ties, the engagement between Aksum and a Pakistani city could serve as a promising foundation for broader cooperation and understanding between the two nations.

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