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Pakistan Announced Public Holiday on Kashmir Day

Pakistan Announced Public Holiday on Kashmir Day.

Pakistan Declares Public Holiday for Kashmir Solidarity Day: A Day of Unity and Support

Mark your calendars for February 5th, 2024! Pakistan’s interim government has declared a public holiday on this significant day to commemorate Kashmir Solidarity Day.

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This annual event signifies unwavering support and solidarity with the Kashmiri people in their long-standing struggle for self-determination.

Pakistan Announced Public Holiday on Kashmir Day

Remembering the Martyrs, Raising Awareness:

  • A minute of silence: At 10 am sharp on February 5th, a nationwide minute of silence will be observed to honor the countless martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for the cause of Kashmir.
  • Rallies and events: Across Pakistan, passionate rallies, seminars, and conferences will be held to raise awareness about the ongoing human rights violations in Indian-occupied Kashmir.
  • Prayers and solidarity: Mosques and religious institutions will host special prayers for the well-being and struggle of the Kashmiri people.

Beyond Borders:

Kashmir Solidarity Day resonates far beyond Pakistani borders. Kashmiris living across the globe organize similar events and demonstrations, amplifying their voices and reminding the world of their plight.

A Call for Action:

This day serves as a powerful reminder of the international community’s responsibility to uphold the fundamental right of self-determination for the Kashmiri people. It’s a call for action, urging governments and organizations to intervene and advocate for a peaceful and just resolution to the Kashmir conflict.

Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Share the news: Spread the word about Kashmir Solidarity Day on your social media platforms using relevant hashtags like #KashmirDay, #StandWithKashmir, #RightToSelfDetermination.
  • Educate yourself: Read articles, watch documentaries, and listen to personal accounts to gain a deeper understanding of the Kashmiri struggle.
  • Advocate for peace: Raise your voice against human rights violations and support peaceful solutions to the conflict.

Together, we can amplify the voices of the Kashmiri people and stand in solidarity with their fight for freedom and justice.

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