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Pak-China Huazi Green Energy Released Cool EVs

Pak-China Huazi Green Energy Released Cool EVs with a range of up to 350 km on a single charge.

Pakistan’s EV Scene Heats Up with Cool New Mini EVs from Pak-China Huazi!

Move over, gas guzzlers! Pakistan’s electric vehicle (EV) market just got a cool new ride – the Pak-China Huazi Green Energy ‘Cool Series’.

Say goodbye to sky-high fuel costs and hello to stylish, eco-friendly drives at prices that won’t break the bank!

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These mini EVs come in four flavors, each with its own range and punch:

  • Cool I (2×2): Cruise through 128km on a single charge for just PKR 3,499,000 (USD 12,496). Perfect for city runs and errands.
  • Cool II (2×2): Push your limits with 219km for PKR 3,799,000 (USD 13,567). Weekend getaways just got greener.
  • Cool I (4×4): Go off the beaten path with 300km for PKR 3,549,000 (USD 12,675). Adventure awaits with zero emissions!
  • Cool II (4×4): Conquer any terrain with 350km for PKR 3,849,000 (USD 13,746). The ultimate eco-warrior’s ride.

Here’s the catch: These prices are exclusive of Withholding Tax, but securing your Cool EV is easy – just a 30% down payment and you’re good to go!

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Now, let’s talk specs:

  • Sleek 2-door hatchback design: Look sharp and eco-conscious with comfortable seating for four.
  • Range that puts rivals to shame: Choose between 225km and 350km on a single charge, depending on your model.
  • Join the EV revolution: Be part of a growing movement towards cleaner air and sustainable transportation.

Want a sneak peek? Check out the Rinco Aria EV and GiGi EV for similar mini EV vibes. But when it comes to price, range, and style, the Huazi Cool Series takes the cake (or should we say, charges up the competition)!

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So, ditch the dinosaurs of the road and experience the future of mobility with Pak-China Huazi Green Energy! Your cool, eco-friendly adventure awaits.

Cool Series EVs: Packed with Power, Style, and Eco-Friendly Buzz!

Looking for a ride that’s as cool as it is green? Look no further than the Pak-China Huazi Green Energy Cool Series!

These mini electric vehicles come in two flavors, each packing a punch of style, eco-friendliness, and range that’ll leave you wondering why you ever considered gas guzzlers.

Choose Your Cool:

  • 2-Door Cruiser: This sleek hatchback boasts a 128km range and dual motors with 32hp, perfect for city zipping and errands. Think zipping through traffic with zero emissions and getting envious stares from gas station queues.
  • 4-Door Adventurer: Need more space and range? The 4-door Cool Series gives you 350km on a single charge – that’s enough for weekend getaways and spontaneous eco-adventures! Plus, it comes with all the bells and whistles of the 2-door, plus rear seatbelts and windows for your extra passengers.

Packed with Perks:

  • Safety First: ABS + EBD keep you in control, while sports seats hug your curves (the road kind, of course).
  • Tech Savvy: Get lost in the 9-inch touchscreen with Bluetooth and Wifi, or let GPS navigation guide you to greener pastures.
  • Style to Spare: Personalized interiors, crystal diamond headlights, and alloy wheels make this more than just an EV – it’s a statement piece.
  • Convenient Charging: Plug it in for 4-5 hours (standard charger) and you’re good to go for miles and miles of guilt-free driving.

Join the EV Revolution:

The Cool Series isn’t just a car, it’s a statement. It’s a commitment to a cleaner future and a cooler planet. So, ditch the dinosaurs of the road and embrace the future of mobility with Pak-China Huazi Green Energy. Your eco-friendly adventure awaits!

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