You are currently viewing Newly Launched Haval Jolion HEV Vs. Haval H6 HEV 2024

Newly Launched Haval Jolion HEV Vs. Haval H6 HEV 2024

Newly Launched Haval Jolion HEV Vs. Haval H6 HEV 2024.

Haval Jolion HEV vs. Haval H6 HEV 2024: Unveiling the Perfect Hybrid SUV for You

Pakistan’s skyrocketing fuel prices have made hybrid cars a compelling proposition for budget-conscious drivers.

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As hybrid technology becomes increasingly popular, particularly in family-friendly crossovers and sedans, Haval, China’s top-selling crossover manufacturer, enters the scene with two enticing options: the all-new Jolion HEV and the established H6 HEV.

Fuel Efficiency Meets Style: The Rise of Hybrid SUVs

The Pakistani automotive landscape is clear: to dominate sales, carmakers need to offer electrified powertrains. Haval has proven to be an agile competitor, launching the CKD-produced H6 HEV in November 2022. Now, just two years later, they’ve disrupted the market again with the Jolion HEV, undercutting established brands like Toyota and MG.

Haval H6 HEV vs. Haval Jolion HEV: A Head-to-Head Showdown

Price Point:

  • Haval H6 HEV: 1.18 Crores PKR
  • Haval Jolion HEV: 9.29 Million PKR

With a significant price difference of over 2.6 million rupees, the choice between these two Haval HEVs boils down to priorities. Let’s delve deeper into the features and functionalities of each model.

Haval H6 HEV and Haval Jolion HEV Overview:

Haval’s commitment to innovation is evident in their hybrid offerings. Both the H6 HEV and Jolion HEV boast a combination of a petrol engine and electric motor, delivering exceptional fuel efficiency without compromising on power.

Verdict: A Matter of Preference

The H6 HEV shines with its superior hybrid system, offering unparalleled power, aesthetics, build quality, and driving experience in its class. It’s a true contender against other big-name HEV crossovers.

However, the Jolion HEV is a sales sensation for a reason. It bridges the gap between luxury and affordability. While established brands charge hefty premiums exceeding 30-50 million rupees, the Jolion HEV delivers exceptional value under 10 million. This stylish and feature-rich offering boasts a solid, flagship-grade interior.

Exterior Design: A Battle of Bold Looks

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and car design is no exception. The Pakwheels team favors the Jolion’s bold design, particularly the side and front profiles. The Jolion’s blue-accented headlights, inspired by Toyota’s hybrid styling, add a touch of sophistication.

Both vehicles are built on GWM’s L.E.M.O.N. PLATFORM, a $1 billion R&D investment focused on lightweight construction, power optimization, versatility, enhanced efficiency, and high safety standards.


  • Chrome mesh grilles with prominent HAVAL badges
  • Headlights with a near-identical look from afar
  • 18-inch alloy wheels with 225/60/R18 tires (standard spare tire size difference)

Jolion’s Distinctive Touches:

  • Boomerang-shaped DRLs extending to the bumper for a striking design element
  • Large rear spoiler with chrome-accented bumper diffuser
  • Half-C-shaped “lava lights” for a modern touch

H6’s Understated Elegance:

  • Simple yet attractive crossover design
  • Distinctive lava lights connecting taillights across the trunk
  • Practical rear spoiler with wiper
  • Sleek matte black bumper skirt for an aggressive aesthetic

Interior: A Luxurious Showdown

Both the Jolion HEV and H6 HEV boast well-designed, luxurious cabins that rival offerings from established Japanese and Korean brands in the same price range.

Shared Features:

  • Double-story center consoles with ample storage compartments (over 26)
  • Similar USB port count
  • Comprehensive driver assistance features

H6’s Premium Edge:

  • Steel grille on tweeters for a touch of German luxury car refinement
  • Heated front seats
  • Softer surfacing materials throughout the cabin

Jolion’s Style Focus:

  • Prioritizes aesthetics with a visually-appealing interior design

Overall, the Jolion caters to those who value style, while the H6 prioritizes functionality with premium finishes. Nevertheless, both interiors deliver a luxurious feel that wouldn’t be out of place in a German car.

Driving Experience: A Balancing Act

Based on international expert reviews, the Jolion HEV offers slightly better handling, while the H6 HEV excels in driving quality.

Shared Features:

  • Dedicated hybrid powertrains with seamless transitions between electric and hybrid modes
  • EV

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