You are currently viewing NEPRA Recommends Rs5.62/unit Increase

NEPRA Recommends Rs5.62/unit Increase

NEPRA Recommends Rs5.62/unit Increase resulting in increased electricity bills.

Brace for Big Bites in February Bills: NEPRA Proposes Shocking Rs5.62/Unit Electricity Hike!

Your February electricity bill might leave you shivering even before the winter chill sets in!

NEPRA has delivered a potential punch to the gut, recommending a steep Rs5.62/unit increase in electricity prices based on December’s fuel costs.

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This translates to a potentially hefty Rs42 billion extra burden on consumers nationwide next month.

Hold onto your wallets:

  • This proposed hike comes after the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) requested the price adjustment to cover rising fuel costs. December’s reference fuel price, at Rs5.40/unit, significantly exceeds the average Rs11/unit cost.
  • NEPRA has given preliminary approval, but a final decision awaits further data analysis.

A string of shocks:

  • This potential price hike is the latest in a series of recent increases, leaving households struggling to cope with rising electricity costs.
  • Public anxieties simmer, highlighting the strain on budgets and the impact on daily life.

Eyes on NEPRA:

  • Millions of electricity consumers across Pakistan hold their breath, anxiously awaiting NEPRA’s final decision, expected soon.

What you can do:

  • Stay informed! Track the developments and hold NEPRA accountable for transparency in their analysis.
  • Explore energy-saving options and consider alternative energy sources to mitigate the impact on your bills.

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