You are currently viewing Nadra New Family Registration Certificate Fee

Nadra New Family Registration Certificate Fee

Nadra New Family Registration Certificate Fee.

Need Your Family Certificate FAST? Get the Latest NADRA Update! 🇵🇰

Family Registration Certificate (FRC) made easy! This official document details your family members, and applying is now smoother than ever.

What is FRC?

  • An official document listing your family members (parents, siblings, spouse, children, or guardian).
  • Issued by the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA).

Three Ways to Apply:

  1. By Birth: Get details about your parents and siblings.
  2. By Marriage: Include your spouse and children.
  3. By Adoption: List your legal guardian.

Important Note:

  • Individuals not registered with NADRA with a 13-digit ID number will not be included in the FRC.

Where to Apply:

  • NADRA Registration Center (NRC): Visit the closest center for in-person applications.
  • Pak-Identity website: Apply online for a convenient and paperless experience.

NADRA FRC Fee Update (February 2024):

  • Normal and Executive categories: Rs. 1,000.

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